Market research company


Market research company conducting tend to determine the level of competitiveness.
The competitiveness of the company - is its ability to take the appropriate position in a particular market.
The most objective, in terms of marketing is to establish competitiveness on the basis of its real competitive advantage. According to this assessment of competitiveness of the enterprise - a comparison of its characteristics, properties or brands of goods it produced, from those of priority competitors (ie the best positions in the market) to determine which provides the enterprise advantage over competitors in a particular field or even in some areas.
There are external and internal competitive advantages:
a) External based on excellent quality goods that are value for customers because their costs decrease or increase the efficiency of their activities. This advantage increases the "market power" of the enterprise, because it can make the market even accept a higher selling price than the competition;
b) is to reduce internal costs or establishing more effective governance than the competition, allowing the manufacturer to lower the cost of goods, and therefore prices, thus gaining priority in the market.
Fig. 16 shows both types of competitive advantages and strategy of those enterprises that can be developed based on these types.
Rate competitiveness can also analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and comparing the data with enterprise data competitor. When analyzing the necessary answers to the following questions:
- Plans concerning competition changes the market share, improve profitability, increase sales;
- Whose market strategy is respected competitors;
- The means by which competitors provide their implementation strategies;
- Strengths and weaknesses of competitors;
- Actions should expect in the future from current and potential competitors.
The main result of this analysis is finding ways to increase efficiency and reserves of the company, its competitiveness as a whole.