The essence of marketing commodity policy


Marketing commodity policy - a set of measures on creation and management of enterprise products to meet customer needs and achieve their goals now. Traditionally, this policy is the main content of marketing activity, because if the company does not produce useful consumer goods or services does not, it becomes unnecessary.

The most important part of marketing commodity policy is to develop products. This concept provides or planning (creation) of new products that will enable the company to enter new markets or expand existing ones, to win the competition, receive appropriate income and profit or modification of existing products that change their properties and characteristics that enable continuous drawing them the attention of consumers and as a result - saving long-term sales volume and revenues.
Service - is sustainability relevant characteristics of the goods, their compliance with the standards. The main part of this marketing commodity policy is to control the quality of products, the production of timely information on the need of improvement of measures to preserve the characteristics of the goods during the movement and trade sales.
Elimination - the process of removing outdated (one that has ceased to be active enough demand) commodity production and market. The main objective of this part of the marketing commodity policy - optimize processes removal from the market of old products is timely to abandon their production, coordinate spending on production and marketing of products for which demand is constantly falling, with a reduction of income from their sale, which is still available and on which you can rely at least in the near future.