Indirect marketing pricing


Indirect marketing pricing - a policy of the company regarding discounts, commercial lending and Conditions. It aims to encourage consumers to prolonged contact now on purchasing its products, increase its sales, improve company image. This indirect marketing pricing directed not only to individuals, businesses or organizations who purchase these products for their own consumption or use, but also on various trade and intermediary organizations who acquire goods for resale and receive their profits.
One of the most common methods of marketing are indirect pricing policy discounts. In marketing practice, the following types of discounts:
- Quantitative - for the purchase of large quantities of goods (including non-cumulative (on every single trade agreement between the seller and buyer) and cumulative (for all purchases made within a certain time if they exceed the amount specified in the contract).
The discount provided by the results of annual turnover, is called a bonus;
- Cash payment by cash or payment before the end of the previously defined maturity (so-called cash discount).
- Functional - discount mediator for performing certain marketing functions that promote the sale of goods, such as advertising, the successful placement of goods in store, market research, relevant information goods manufacturer, etc;
- Trading - intermediary discount (usually that who buys and sells goods) for the exercise of trading, accumulation and retention marketing stocks etc.
- Seasonal - for products offered to consumers out of season;
- The final - the last batch or unit, which "zalezhavsya" on the shelves and plans to replace other, more modern;
- Credits - up to a new product if return of old (for example, a new car model in case of return above);
- At the request of an important client - for consumers who play an important role in the enterprise-producers (for example, always buy a significant share of its products, and therefore may require appropriate discounts).
The credit policy of the company - the definition and implementation of direct measures of medium-term loans now selling price for the commodity-supply of manufactured products.
Politics condition - is to establish the terms of payments and supply basic provisions that sales contracts that define the range, payment and other mandatory terms of delivery of products corresponding price value. This refers to types of payment (cash or non-cash), the amount of payments (the amount of principal discounts), while payments (prepayments or the results of product sales), money allowances (for partial payments, additional packaging, transporting small or teams batches, installation and v. p.), place of payment, subject, scope, time, place and terms of service and others.