Direct marketing


Direct marketing - is the provision of commercially sensitive information about products or services directly target consumers for the purpose of sale.
Recently direct marketing as part of a complex of marketing communications, entered into a special development. Because of its inherent positive features. These include:
- Individual character communication producers and consumers;
- Ease the process of selecting and purchasing goods or services;
- Opportunities to provide relevant information to the consumer;
- Purposeful information influence;
- The possibility of establishing permanent business relationships with customers, measuring their response to appropriate treatment;
- The possibility of a quick market reaction to the proposal made by the commercial;
- High speed development of information communications and the possibility of adjustment depending on the reaction of consumers.
Among the best known means of information communication in direct marketing include:
- Direct mail appeal when information materials (booklets, brochures, catalogs, etc.) sent by mail directly to the consumer;
- Telemarketing: communication with the consumer calls made using a variety of telecommunications and information technology;
- Direct response advertising: advertising through newspapers, magazines, television reception provides enterprise-rek- lamodavtsem direct response to consumer (additional information or questions specific purchase offer);
- Marketing through catalogs, sale of goods through catalogs that are sent to the consumer by mail or distributed in shops;
- Email Marketing: selling products through the Internet, via cable or satellite television.
Advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing information tools given in Table. 26.
For successful implementation of direct marketing programs need some prerequisites, but primarily the creation of the company relevant databases about consumers. Such a database should insert the names of companies or consumer customer names, their addresses, telephone numbers, characteristics or features of their business data on their agreements, the type and frequency of purchases, the criteria for product selection and more. These databases enable enterprises to identify target market, increase focus information influence.
An important prerequisite for direct marketing is certainly appropriate technical support for its processes.