The organization of marketing activities in the enterprise


Effective marketing activities of the enterprise impossible without appropriate management structures - departments, bureaus, etc. sectors. Their activities should be based on the following principles:
- Determination - compliance with the mission, goals, strategies and policies of the company, focus on solving problems purely marketing, sourcing and customer satisfaction;
- Definition of construction - smart specialization, lack of duplication, ensuring unity of management of marketing activities, accountability performers;
-tochna certainty activities - focus on a specific concept, a clear division of tasks and functions of each department and performer, vertical and horizontal relationships;
- Flexibility - timely response to changes in the business environment;
- Coordination actions - integrated marketing activities to achieve synergy;
- Sufficient financial security both in terms of performance marketing activities, and motivation of employees of marketing services;
- Cost - the cost of marketing revenues from the sale of marketing activities;
- High qualification of personnel and their constant special retraining;
- Active policy - the search for new markets, consumers, unmet needs, creative approach to solving your marketing objectives.
Algorithm establishment of appropriate marketing organizational structure of the company is shown in Fig. 62.
The first stage is to study the market in which the enterprise operates, the value is determined by supply and offering products, the ratio between the real and the potential size of the market and its segments, the state of competition, analyzed consumer behavior, trends and prospects of the market and so on.
Thorough knowledge of the market - the main precondition for creating effective marketing organizational structure of the enterprise.
Then analyze your company, your strengths and weaknesses, it appears the concept of marketing management, that is the basic idea of ​​it.
Depending on the conditions of the business environment and intentions are now marketing concept of the company:
- Sales - Marketing functions usually performed by specialists hired temporarily;
- Marketing-sales department - sales and some marketing functions perform regular employee department;
- Marketing department - marketing functions endure beyond the department staff focus on performance only marketing functions;
- Modern marketing management scheme - execution of marketing and sales functions are combined in a single complex under the supervision of the Deputy Director of sales and marketing, and to perform marketing functions involved if necessary all the workers and employees of the company.
In addition, during the marketing determine whether there will be an integrated marketing department, or its functions will perform various departments enterprises (non-integrated marketing). This preliminary clarification of the concept of marketing in business, you can set its objectives and main tasks, and to form its organizational structure. It can be used in various models of construction of Marketing (Figures 63, 64).
Advantages and disadvantages of different models indicated in the table. 34. In practice, there are not only these models, but many of their combinations (mixed forms): commodity market, commodity-functional, functional commodity market and more.
One of the advanced models is building the marketing department matrix model (Fig. 67). Here the traditional vertical organization strutturovana complemented by horizontal relationships between individual units. This model can reduce the impact of negative aspects specific to vertically structured systems efficiently combine separate departments of Marketing, constructed a mixed form.
Apart from the construction of stationary forms of marketing, there may be temporary and shapes. They are created for the period necessary for solving certain topical marketing issues (development of marketing strategies, decisions on the elimination product or innovation, etc.), consisting of one or more groups of workers of different units of the organization.
By the temporary marketing structures include:
- Marketing Council - special structure at the head of the organization, which includes his deputies and specialists of the enterprise;
- Target group - special group of experts that are created for a certain period of time to solve highly specific marketing problems; a variety of target groups is the so-called venture capital group created to study interesting, but it is also risky marketing ideas.
To create the temporary marketing structures should articulate their main task to define the responsibility of each employee to organize the planning, appoint a manager.
One of the most difficult and the most critical is the next stage of marketing for the enterprise - the distribution of functions among competitors. This can be used the following approaches:
- Expensive - performer should be occupied full time, and between the functions performed there must be a logical connection;
- Management - to create conditions in order to process performance marketing functions carried out consistently and in the same direction;
- Social - Functions must conform to the status of employees;
- Flexible - create opportunities for rapid response to changing conditions of the business environment.
To clear division of responsibilities between individual employees can use the matrix method, ie building appropriate line cards with information about who and how much is involved in the resolution of certain issues. An example of such maps is presented in Table. 35.
According to a specific structure, tasks and functions of the marketing department made the selection of its employees. It knows
you, that those who work here have to meet a range of requirements, including:
- Meet the general requirements for administrative personnel (competence, high moral character, punctuality, discipline, the ability to manage people);
- Have adequate system knowledge, outlook, erudition, strategic thinking, analytical ability;
- Be focused primarily on customer service;
- Have entrepreneurial skills;
- Marked creative, innovative attitude;
- Have the ability to negotiate, know foreign languages; have special training in management and marketing;
-Well own computer.
The last stage of formation of marketing organizational structure is the development and introduction of stimulating work and control over the activity that allows you to take appropriate corrective action.
To find out how efficiently the company is established marketing organization, you should know the answer to these questions:
- Whether the targeted structure (which targets or measured, monitored and implemented them)?
-Do sufficiently flexible structure (how fast it reacts to changes, how quickly decisions)?
- Or enough information?
- What are the backbone of the organization?
- How the organization works economically?
-Do management is sufficient time to make strategic decisions?
- Does the spirit of cooperation?