Control of marketing of the company


Control - the process of identifying, assessing and informing about the actual performance ratio (results of implementation planning decisions) and their planned values. The main components of control are:
- A statement of the real (actual) parameters;
- A comparison of the actual values ​​of the planning;
- Determination of the magnitude and causes of deviations (deviation analysis);
- Determination of measures to correct deviations;
- Forming conclusions and report.
Process monitoring includes the definition of its concept, goals (accuracy, regularity, efficiency or rationality of action), objects (methods, results, performance, potential, etc.), controlled rules controllers (internal or external), methods, scope (full or selective ), control points, making weight, acceptability and tolerance errors, identify the causes of deviations, methods of assessment, formulation of proposals, etc.
Control of marketing of the company - the study of the totality of marketing actions, conditions, connections and results in order to ascertain the extent, effectiveness of the company to achieve marketing goals. It should facilitate the following:
-dosyahnennyu success and improve performance (quality control processes of advertising, distribution, sales, etc.);
-dotrymannyu conventional limits (control annual balance budgets on advertising, distribution, etc.).
Control of marketing of the company extends to the implementation of annual plans for sales, profitability and effectiveness of marketing activities.

In addition, the profitability of controlled goods in terms of their range, regions, customers, distribution channels and so on.