Functions of management

Hops. Management

In order to understand the essence of management activity, you need to answer the question: what are managers, what functions they perform in the overall body of the enterprise or organization.
Under the function of management understand clearly defined set of questions and applied, which can be solved in a certain official or a structural unit of the management apparatus in the management of the enterprise (organization).
Before you identify the range of these issues and consideration of its content, it should be noted that in any organization or factory there are two kinds of problems: the special and management.
Special problems are directly related to the technological side of activities and are not directly related to managerial functions (production problems). For example, a merchandiser can solve the issues of sequencing ring of importation of goods in the shops, the economist — the collection of certain statistical information, the accountant preparation of accounting report, etc.

Circle purely managerial issues include problems of use of material, financial and human resources of the enterprise, organization of labor, directions, decisions, setting objectives to individual employees and groups of them.
Of course a Manager should not only deal with their management issues and relevant procedures (instructions, conversations with people). Unlike the employee that has nothing to do with management and who is busy solving only technological problems, a Manager must deal directly and production businesses. Therefore, management solutions range from pure management issues and production.
A set of challenges that managers in the overall body of the enterprise or organization, can be graphically represented as a so-called "circles of management."
Based on the above activities of the Manager, the complex functions of management include: setting goals, planning, development and decision-making, the implementation (the organization) decision, the operational impact on the object of control, motivation of employees, monitoring of implementation and the activities of workers.