Functions of management organization

Hops. Management

After the goals of socio-economic system, planned activities and decided, the time comes for their practical implementation.
The decision must be made, otherwise the work of experts that developed the solution, certain costs associated with this process, be useless. And most importantly — the problem will remain unsolved, the goal is nedostroe.
Implementation of management solutions requires a preliminary knowledge of this process and its practical implementation, i.e. the execution of a specific sequence of steps to achieve the goals set out in the administrative decision. In other words, the content of the concept of management is in the process of implementation of the decision. This aspect of consideration of the concept of "organization" encompasses the structure and organization of the process of implementation of the decision.
Structural organization can be compared with the skeleton of the enterprise. Structural organization determines who is responsible for a specific function in the overall body of the enterprise, as it consists of the list of competent Executive bodies that operate in the administration. The presence of structural organisation is a prerequisite for executing managerial decisions since, in the absence of those who will implement the decision, it loses rational sense. The question of the relationship of the structural organization and management require special consideration.
The organization of the process of performance management solutions covers a range of actions of the Manager to implement it.
Management practice shows that the implementation of a decision is one of the weaknesses of management. It is the result of unskilled training solutions, of a failure to bring them to the performers, the lack of control over implementation of decisions.
Organization of execution of the decision depends on the nature, type, scope of implementation etc.
For the successful implementation of a simple operational decisions necessary to carry out the following operations and procedures: formulate a solution, determine the necessary resources for its implementation, to bring solutions to contractors and monitor execution.
In the case of the adoption of complex, multidimensional decisions, you need to develop special targeted programme for its implementation. Such a program should include three groups of activities: documentation and organization of communicating the decision to the performers; enforcement the necessary resources and funds; organization of the execution of the decision.
Documentation of management decisions is carried out on the basis of existing legislative and other legal acts. The form and content of documentation of decisions selected on the basis of the purpose and status of the authority that adopted the decision. In any case, the document that recorded the fact of acceptance of administrative decisions, must contain: the rationale for the decision; the specific actions to implement the decision; list the necessary human, material and other resources; the means and methods of implementation of the decision; a deadline; expected results from implementation of the decision; the composition of performers; ways of monitoring the implementation of the decision.
After documenting decisions it is possible to the performers. It often happens that the decision was made in a timely manner, but for a number of reasons comes to artists only after a month or two, and sometimes later, losing their effectiveness, and sometimes the contents, as the situation changes. Therefore, organizing the execution of the decision, the Manager should provide appropriate means and forms of bringing it to the team, to each employee, which ultimately determines the success of a business.
One of the important forms of communicating the decision to the performers is directly involved them in the development of the project.
Thus, participants get acquainted in advance with the solution concept, the tasks and peculiarities of its implementation. Sometimes for this purpose a Commission of people who can contribute something of value useful in solving the problem. Future artists, participating in the preparation of the solution, make it more real because it is better to know all sides of economic activities, the reserves and difficulties.
Good results are achieved also in the case when the team held to discuss a solution or plan at the General meeting or at a special seminar. However, •it should be emphasized that collegiality in the preparation of the solutions gives a high effect only subject to the principle of personal responsibility.
In addition, involving workers to develop project plans and decisions, we should not forget that this is due to the high cost of working time.
An important point of the comprehensive program of the organization of implementation of decision is a maneuver of personnel, resources, and the creation of operational reserves. The decision, designed to make substantial changes in the course of the business requires financial security, a certain restructuring of the States, the reorientation of the people, their training, and sometimes replacement. Therefore, the implementation of large-scale programs with quality adjustment of production inevitably leads to profound changes in methods and forms of work, and hence in the structure of personnel.
Not less deep restructuring is necessary, usually in the production apparatus, in the system cooperation, logistical support. In the decision of all this diversity, it is impossible to predict. Therefore, its implementation is connected with the solution of a large number of complex division of labour and the establishment of new proportions between the adjacent "links both inside the enterprise (organization) and beyond. All this requires a lot of organizational work, and hence time.
A very important element of the program-target approach to implementation of the decision is the control that is meticulous verification of compliance of the decisions taken. Without a systematic control over the process of development of object of management it is impossible to have good results. This approach requires your organization, clear target setting control, the procedures of establishing an appropriate mechanism. Organization of effective control — the case of each household head.
Under his direct influence is strengthening of Executive discipline, increased responsibility of employees for the accurate performance of their duties, improves rhythm and planned all production activities.
Sometimes in terms of separation of administrative work, it is advisable to entrust the control over implementation of the decisions of the group that wrote it. In other cases, for this purpose are special units. It is important to emphasize that the criterion for assessing the work of such groups is not the number of inspections or number of recorded failures, and the proportion completed on time solutions.