Linear organization

Hops. Management

The linear form of the organization is the most simple form of communication in the management of business processes. The essence of linear control is that the head of each production team is the Director (management body), which carries out all control functions. Each member of the team and the organization as a whole subject only to the head (body). In turn, the latter is accountable to the head (body).

Subordinates obey the orders only of their immediate supervisor. The upstream Manager is not entitled to give orders to employees (artists) to bypass their immediate supervisor. This scheme pgpooladmin and accountability — the main feature of line management.
At this level line management in General, correspond to the stages of production, between which there is a clear and simple relationship, and relationship. This is one of the main advantages of this type of relations and line management in General.
The advantages of linear control are getting subordinates consistent and interrelated tasks and instructions; full responsibility of each Director for the performance; ensuring unity of command from top to bottom, i.e. the implementation of the principle of the unity of administrative activities.
A significant disadvantage of linear control is that the Manager should have multifaceted knowledge needed in the management of the respective object. In addition, the linear management, there are no experts on the implementation of separate management functions. The use of linear forms of communication do not fully meet the increasing requirements of modern production, the main trends in the development of technology, economy and organization.