Linearly-staff organization

Hops. Management

In the process of development of linear control organically combined with functional, results in a linearly-staff management organization, which is devoid of the disadvantages of separately functional and line management.
When linearly-staff (linearly-functional) authority line Manager has a staff of functional departments, (departments, offices, groups and individual specialists) who usually are responsible for specific control function.
Linearly-staff the organization needs to create special panels, councils, in which line managers together with experts and functional managers (specialists) coordinate their actions and decisions. A negotiated solution can be communicated to lower level management only with the consent and on behalf of the highest line Manager. Functional units of the highest level have no right to give orders to lower without the knowledge of the line Manager (except in cases of methodological character, explanations, etc.).
With a line-staff organization typical disadvantages: sometimes there is an artificial extension of the management staff, its separation from production, the increase in management costs.