Sectional organization (devsolar)

Hops. Management

With increasing organizational size and complexity of the tasks facing them, and also in connection with organizational processes which in them occur, forms of organisation, built on Agnelli principle, are becoming less suitable to address emerging problems and challenges.
Therefore, many large companies of the West had found a new form of organization — livesonline. The basic premise of "separation of enterprise" is to create in the organization of homogeneous sites that can be classified as a "venture enterprise". The split criterion at deveselu (creation of parcels or zones) is mostly a product or certain group of products.

For example, in the novel by A. Hailey "Wheels" is an example of a major car company of Detroit, which along with the production of cars produced agricultural machinery and equipment. Accordingly the company was divided into the following sections: A) vehicles; B: agricultural machines; In: office machines.
Under these conditions, each plot is kind of enterprise for yourself with your own responsibility for profit, for production, marketing, etc. In principle, this form of organization was suitable for separation of large heterogeneous organizations into homogeneous separate organizations that are well managed. However, you cannot underestimate such a practical problem that occurs mainly in centrifugal tendencies ("self-interest sites"). Therefore, one of the main tasks of the leadership of this organization is to harmonize the interests of the organization with the interests of its individual sections.
A new idea, which distinguishes this form from the organization discussed earlier, is that now structuring is not carried out on functional (performance), but the object (subject). The object is not that other, as a result of the activity, i.e. the product or service.
Within plots, as a rule, is also structuring the organization for performing (functional) basis.