Informal organization

Hops. Management

As an informal organization could be regarded any joint activity of individuals, where no conscious common purpose, although this activity may lead to common results. Accordingly, the informal organizations include a variety of groups, including passengers in a single aircraft and pedestrians on the street.
Arguing thus, can be attributed to informal organizations (the relationship of which is not reflected in the organizational chart) a group of employees of the enterprises of public catering, engineers, production workers, team players, skittles etc.
Informal organization exists in any group and reflects the connections and relationships that are based on likes, dislikes, common interests, mutual understanding.
Informal relations can, for example, arise on the basis of common interests at work or outside of it.
On the basis of informal relations among labour collective are the so-called "small groups" (usually numbering up to 10 persons), headed by informal leaders. Small groups can exist for a long or short time, to be open or closed to other members of the team, passive or active involvement of other members of the stable and unstable against decay, influential or nevliyatelny in the team.
Analysis of the causes and circumstances of such informal organizations — the task of a special section of social psychology. The Manager knows that the account Masonic relations is of great importance. If not for their dynamic in understanding the nature of groups, the number of their members, shift leaders, continuous process of Genesis and dissolution, the managers would be much chillie to consciously consider the existence of informal organizations when you create or change formal organization. That they in most cases can not do, and only realize the existence of informal organization, are trying to use it in the process of ongoing management and not to enter into conflict with it in the leadership process subordinates.