The development of the organization

Hops. Management

When discussing sociology in the enterprise and psychological aspects of organizations increasingly used the term "organization development". The development of the organization is to achieve its harmonious state, when the same parameters are "formal" and "informal" organizations and there is a harmony of goals (expectations) of the members of the organization and the organization as a social phenomenon. Thus, the concept of "organization development" is a response to the results of studies that have shown that formal rules can only be acceptable when they do not conflict with individual expectations. Hence the development of the organization is a strategic way, on the one hand, increase the efficiency of the organization, and on the other an increased sense of satisfaction from labor, improvement of working conditions of employees.
For understanding the process of development of the organization spinipes some of its features that define the essence and development of the organization among the other organizational techniques.
The first peculiarity lies in the fact that the development organization is a pedagogical tactic according to which should be pre-planned changes in the organization. The basis of this tactic is focused on the experience of social doctrine (theory).
The second feature is that planned changes are in direct proportion to the severity of the problems, which the organization must implement, that is, from the current state of the organization and the impossibility of its use for the future effective development.
The third feature of the development strategy of the organization is the fact that the diagnosis of the current state of the organization and process changes are made by the person or Advisory body who are not members of this organization.
Development strategy for the organization should consist, as a rule, the following main types of changes: improvement of interpersonal relations; the values of the organization and its members; reduction of tension between the groups and within them; improving the management team that is focused use professional abilities of the working groups; development of improved methods for the settlement of disputes and conflicts, systems built on the principles of organicity, not mehanol build the organization.
Consequently, the development of the organization means mobilizing all members of the organization concerned for its effective functioning.
Discussed ideas concerning the development of the organization, are in some way universal, but the specifics of the details should be developed for each specific organization.