The concept of organization, division of labor and cooperation in the administration

Hops. Management

The control action on the object is not only the Manager as a leader and the leader of the labour collective, but a group of people that performs together with the Manager of the management function, that is, the sphere of professional activity which are management processes. These people are called managerial staff, personnel management, personnel management.
Effective action requires adequate organization of work of this specific part of the labor collective of the organization or enterprise, it justified the division and cooperation.
Under the organization of managerial work understand the procedure, the rules of official conduct in the administration to meet current and future objectives by managers, specialists and other employees of the Department in accordance with the existing job descriptions and regulations about structural subdivisions.
The organization of labor in the administration based on the development of a set of regulations that define the place and role of each structural unit of management personnel and each employee in the management system, the order of relations between them, rules of interrelations within the control unit, forms of influence on activity of object of management, methods of interaction with the environment.
The organization of management labor as a system is the result of streamlined activities and an integral part of management.
The primary problem in creating an organizational system for any kind of activities is the division of labor is objectively necessary in any labour process is carried out by the team. This is due to the scope of work, difficulties in complying with its parts and phases, dispersed in time and space, of different qualification and experience of employees. The division of labour is also a prerequisite for increasing efficiency and productivity.
At the organization of managerial labor used three areas of separation: functional, technological and qualification.
The functional division of labour consists in securing the specific management functions for departments or individual employees. So, any management staff should be professionals engaged in setting goals, planning, solutions development, organization, their performance, motivation, control. Further specialization and division of labor within the function is a specialization of individual components of a specific (specific) functions and consolidation of their workers. For example, under the common function of motivation stands out the function of accounting work. Accounting labor can be engaged in a certain structural unit or employee.
Technological division of labor is a specialization of the employees in accordance with the three big groups of work: management unit decisions based on the information on the implementation of the works in accordance with a particular feature; processing information received from the control object and from other sources, and the creation of the complex documentation required to implement the functions; documentation, its shipment, storage, inventory, sorting, etc. These three types of work or activities correspond to three categories of workers: heads, experts, other employees of the Executive office.
Qualifying division of labor is a sign of division of labor in which the employees perform different jobs appropriate to their qualifications and experience. So, the Deputy chief may be responsible for the work of various departments of production and management directions. A large amount of work can be divided into equal areas according to certain parameters. For example, the territorial dispersal of similar businesses employees of Department, members of the management staff of the organization can zakreplyaetsya for enterprises located in a certain area.
Under the cooperation of labour understand the unification of the divided jobs to execute joint tasks. In managing the use of parallel and sequential, constant and occasional cooperation of the work of the administrative apparatus.
The division and cooperation of administrative work is a prerequisite for the rational organization of jobs in the administration.