Organizational and cooperative work in consumer cooperatives

Hops. Management

Building consumer cooperative societies on the principles of self-government shareholders requires appropriate organizational and working cooperatively with the public, shareholders and employees of consumer cooperative societies.
Organizational and cooperative work in consumer cooperatives performs special orgstructure apparatus, which is in all levels of management of Ukoopspilka is the management of organizational and cooperative work, oblspozhivspilka departments organizational and cooperative work, risposto and district consumer societies, Departments or groups orgstructure, in consumer societies — instructor of organizational and cooperative work.
In the organizational and cooperative work can be divided into three areas: cooperative construction and development of the internal cooperative democracy; organizational-methodical work; educational, cultural-mass and sports work.
A major portion of organizational and cooperative work is a cooperative the construction and development of the internal cooperative democracy. The specific content of this area of organizational and cooperative work are: development and implementation of plans of cooperation of the population and paracoenia; organization of accounting of shareholders and mutual management; organizing the implementation and control of decisions of the Supreme bodies of management of consumer societies and potrebsoyuza; planning and implementation of measures for the establishment and strengthening of cooperative sites, the revitalization of the commissioners of consumer societies and their groups, the standing committees of councils of all levels, bodies of social-media monitoring; development of plans and implementation of measures on preparation and carrying out the accounting and reporting of election campaigns, congresses, conferences, Council meetings and General meetings of shareholders of consumer societies (meetings of commissioners), district meetings of shareholders; the development of measures for the implementation of orders and criticisms of shareholders; the development of forms of participation of labor collectives in the management of the cooperative economy; development of proposals for improving the organizational structure of consumer cooperatives, the structure and working methods of public authorities and control and professional management.
Cooperative construction and development nutrixxion democracy should be aimed at strengthening the real impact of the shareholders on the economic and social activities of consumer cooperation, improvement of forms and methods of participation of shareholders in management, orientation of activity of consumer societies and potrebsoyuza to meet the needs of shareholders and service of the population in goods and services.
Organizational-methodical work is the implementation of promotional and information activities of consumer societies and potrebsoyuza. This requires that orgstructure the unit has established contacts with the press, television, organized the preparation and production of brochures, newsletters, posters, leaflets on the activities of consumer cooperative societies. The main task of this direction of organizational and cooperative work is the creation of a positive image of consumer cooperative societies in General and organizations in the public consciousness.
Educational, cultural-mass and sports work covers the following activities: organization of educational activities with the shareholders, employees, consumer cooperative societies and youth; organization of cultural and mass work and leisure of workers of consumer cooperation (circles of Amateur art activities, interest clubs, libraries, etc.); promoting physical culture and mass work in the countryside, the establishment of sports clubs, sections, groups of health; the holding of sports competitions among the shareholders and employees of consumer cooperatives.