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Building a professional management staff in the levels of consumer cooperative societies

Hops. Management

Executive and administrative controls of each link of consumer cooperation create a professional management staff consisting of professionals, United in sections, groups, management. Thus, in consumer societies and in spoiltpig applies linear functional (staff) organization management, and in consumer societies and potrebsoyuza applied linear.
The professional administrative apparatus of the consumer society consists of the Chairman of the management Board, his deputies on trade, procurement and personnel specialists, are grouped into two departments — accounting and trading Department, and with individual artists, including technical workers.
Accounting consumer society headed by the chief accountant. It is composed of accountants who are responsible for individual areas of accounting and Finance: accounting of commodity-material values, money, investors, etc. the Chief accountant is also subject to the auditor-inventarization and the cashier.
Sales Department of a consumer society consists of merchandisers and merchandisers-trade organizers. Headed the trading Department, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the consumer society on trade. In the trading division can also be a instructor or an engineer-technologist catering.
Managerial functions of individual areas of activity of consumer society exercise instructor-organizational cooperative work, instructor (inspector) on staff, Chairman of the audit Committee, economists (economic planning group), etc. In the apparatus of the consumer society is also the Secretary of the Board.
Administration consumer Union includes subordinate to the Board, functional departments, and individual specialists and support staff that performs maintenance functions.
Prior to the functional units of the machine control raypotrebsoyuza include: sales Department, planning Department, personnel Department, accounting, and individual performers (legal Advisor, safety officer, etc.). To the technical personnel include drivers personal vehicles of heads of the Union, the Secretary-the typist, the head of the archive etc.
The structural units are headed by heads of departments and groups (sectors) main, leading experts or experts of i category.
Control functions between the Chairman and his deputies, as well as between the units of the machine control are as follows.
The Chairman of the Board provides General management of accounting, financial, audit, legal, work, labour protection, fire safety, record keeping. He is subordinated to the construction.
Deputy Chairman of the Board of trade organizes trade activities manages the catering, transport raypotrebsoyuza.
Deputy Chairman of the management Board for economic Affairs carries out the General management of the planning and economic work in the system raypotrebsoyuza.
Deputy Chairman of the management Board for human resources lead on recruitment and selection, and organizational and cooperative work.
Deputy Chairman of the Board on blanks is also the Director of reiserechner (recooperation).
The main tasks and functions of departments of the management of the Union are as follows.
Department of planning provides planning and analysis of economic activities of enterprises and organizations, which are subordinated directly to the consumer Union, and also carries out management control of the implementation of plans and tasks, compiling statistical reporting by enterprises and associations, the private sector and the consolidated statistical reporting for consumer societies.
Regarding connect consumer societies the economic planning Department of the Union carries out methodical management and renders methodological assistance to economists consumer societies on planning and analysis of economic activities, receive statistical reports and other necessary information.
The trade Department performs the functions of organizing trade and public catering. Objectives of the Department are: the study of demand of rural population for the goods, preparation of orders and conclusion of contracts with suppliers, arranging delivery of goods to the stores, advertising work, etc.
Accounting records and reporting controls financial and economic activities, develop measures
a higher return sectors and securing of cooperative ownership. In modern conditions of managing of accounting raypotrebsoyuza also given methodological support of accounting in consumer societies, companies and associations private households.
The division of personnel and organizational and cooperative work invested in personnel and training of workers of mass professions (salespeople, cooks, etc.), organizes the work of consumer societies with the members of cooperatives and community cooperation and paracoenia, develops measures for personnel retention and reduce their turnover.
In the composition of the management raypotrebsoyuza there is also a group of engineering and technical services, which is responsible for the condition of refrigeration and catering equipment, occupational safety, fire prevention measures in enterprises of their own subordination and in consumer societies.
Audit work in the consumer Union is headed by the Chairman of the audit Committee. He, along with other members of the auditing Committee working on a voluntary basis, carries out checks and audits of joint ventures of the consumer Union and consumer societies of the district, and, if necessary, and of consumer societies. In addition, the professional staff of the office of consumer Union have 1-2 auditors, who are working with the members of the audit Committee.
The organizational structure of the management of Ukoopspilka, regional potrebsoyuza and Krimpotrebsoyuz has a common fundamental basis. The community is due to the use of the model structures, the performance of the related functions and homogeneity of the branches of economic activities.
In the structure of the management apparatus potrebsoyuza higher level can be functional and sectoral units and staff providing technical and commercial services.
Prior to the functional units include the following departments: economic planning, economic and financial, accounting and reporting, training and educational institutions, organizational, cooperative, and certain other depending on the level of management and regional characteristics of the activities of potrebsoyuz.
Sectoral divisions — the departments of trade, public catering, municipal cooperative trade, blanks, co-operative industry, transport, capital construction, logistical support, etc.
The structure of the management staff in each spouse - these develop individually based on the General functions of potrebsoyuz and scope of its activities. So, in Being are the main directorates, directorates, departments, sectors and groups. In oblspozhivspilka — departments, divisions, sectors and groups.
Activity of structural subdivisions and officials of the staff of the office of potrebsoyuza and consumer societies governed by the relevant provisions and job descriptions.
The introduction of market relations in the economy of Ukraine requires changes in the functions, and hence in the structure of consumer cooperative societies.
The most significant changes can be expected in the functions of potrebsoyuza. In the market of potrebsoyuz the highest level (Ukoopspilka, oblpotrebsoyuza, Krimpotrebsoyuz) will become economic focal points of consumer cooperative societies. Concerning the enterprises of self-control, they will perform the function of establishing objectives, that is, the development prospects of the strategic and tactical manner, the function of protecting the interests of enterprises and associations on the market and before the public authorities; the function of control of their activities. The direction of economic activity of enterprises and organizations of regional (zagalnogo - operational) discipline will continue in the future because their activity is related to the needs of consumer societies in the economic service.
The development of market relations requires the development of new industries sporovski activities. It is banking, tourism, hospitality, and stimulating foreign trade.
Via the unions of consumer societies and consumer societies, it is appropriate to performing the highest spoilsport at the national and regional level functions such as protection of the interests of the low level of consumer cooperatives, their shareholders and most underserved population in the state bodies, court, arbitration, etc.
It is obvious that potrebsoyuz develop and organize the implementation of target programs, which are beyond the power of individual consumer Union or consumer society. This program of introduction of achievements of scientific-technical progress, education, training etc.
The next important function is Advisory-methodical maintenance of lower levels. Sporovski must have a qualified staff of professionals able to order unions of consumer societies and consumer societies carry out management advice in the emergence of the economic, institutional, social or technical problems.
It is obvious that potrebsoyuz higher levels will have to undertake the audit functions of the lower levels. If this area is not mastered they will inevitably the emergence of independent audit firms nd their cooperation with organizations and enterprises of consumer cooperation.
An important function of potrebsoyuza remains also commercial services grass-roots units: purchase and sale of goods, their production in joint ventures and selling lower levels, logistics, etc. Forms and types of this activity will be determined by the market.
Ukoopspilka and consumer Union will be engaged in socio-cultural activities of consumer cooperation, stemming from the nature of the cooperative movement. This is to promote the ideas of cooperation, assistance to the farming industry, the development of culture and sports.
Changing the functions performed sporovski the highest level in the market, will be the basis of the structural adjustment of their professional management. It is obvious that in the administration of these potrebsoyuza have a structure that will guide the activities of joint ventures, that is, the structure of sectoral character. It will also require structural units functions: to protect the interests of consumer cooperation, Advisory and methodological services, the implementation of auditing. In the management activity of potrebsoyuza the highest level is useful for implementation of matrix structures, which, according to the American management professionals, providing strategic and operational flexibility of their companies.
In the conditions of the market will change the role and importance of regional unions of consumer societies. Because they have direct contact with the primary link of consumer cooperation is consumer society, the consumer Union will have to intensify its economic activity to ensure the functioning of the enterprises of the consumer society.
Obviously, this activity will be based on the system of contractual relations between consumer companies and enterprises unions of consumer societies, as long or of a temporary nature. Working with consumer Union, the consumer society will be used as a valid legal form, and new, such as business associations votrin and on the nature of the Association with participation of consumer societies and other business entities. Accordingly, possible structural changes in the apparatus of the unions of consumer societies. Obviously, the structure of the management staff unions of consumer societies are units for the direct management of enterprises own farms, as well as those that direct the activities of business associations of functional nature (a specialized management-consulting work, audit, protection of the interests of consumer societies and their members).
The fundamental scheme potrebsoyuza need fleshing out of course according to the local conditions of functioning of consumer cooperatives.
A certain centralization of management in consumer cooperation should be maintained. Hierarchical subordination to the higher authority of potrebsoyuz due to the economic need for such management, which ensures the development and implementation of scientific and technological progress, effective external communications. However, the will of the economically active population and the desire of the cooperative unions can come into conflict. Therefore, the issue should be resolved by the implementation of the consumer cooperation system of contractual relations. Without a doubt, the transfer of all management functions in cooperatives would deprive the consumer cooperatives advantages of large-scale organizations. However, most decisions should be made on the ground, directly in the cooperatives. When deciding about the ratio of centralization and decentralization in the management of consumer co-operatives should not forget that cooperation is strong only when it bases its work on thorough understanding of local conditions.
Changes in the nature of the activities of consumer cooperation, the functions of its components will inevitably lead to the understanding of the staff of the office of potrebsoyuza consumer societies and the needs of the mastering techniques of modern management.