New organizational and legal forms of activity of consumer cooperation

Hops. Management

Consumer companies and their unions — the owners of the property — setting form control property in the subordinate business object.
According to the established forms of government enterprises are granted the appropriate rights from the rights of the legal entity status of dependent enterprises. In this consumer society and potrebsoyuz retain the right of the owner of the property: decide questions of creation of the enterprise and define the objectives of its activities, reorganization and liquidation; approves the Charter; appoint the CEO; exercise control over efficient use and safety of the transferred enterprise assets; establish procedures for the sale, transfer, Disposals, etc.
On the basis of accepted principles of property relations in consumer cooperatives, economic entities can be divided into the following main types:
venture on the rights of a legal person, which is an independent economic entity on the principles of commercial calculation. Consumer companies or unions that belong to such enterprises, giving them the right to carry out economic activities;
structural economic unit not endowed with legal entity and act on the basis of internal commercial calculation;
rent business units, which operate in accordance with the Basic provisions on the organization of the rental groups in the system of consumer cooperation;
a joint venture created by combining the property of founders of organizations or businesses, are entitled to rights of legal entities; small businesses.
The diversity of organizational forms of activity of the enterprises of consumer cooperation gives the possibility of consumer societies and spoilsport to choose in each case the most economically viable for the consumer market and profitable for the beneficiary population.
Market economic conditions also provide an opportunity for the organizations of consumer cooperation to interact with other forms of ownership to develop various forms of vertical and horizontal integration.
Among the new forms of management that are appropriate to develop consumer cooperative societies, can be called business associations, including corporations, consortia, joint stock companies and limited liability companies.
The economic Association is a contractual Association, created with the aim of coordinating specific areas of production and economic activity of the founders and members.
The organizations of consumer cooperation can be initiated and primarily to create an Association in the main sphere of its activities — the maintenance of rural residents. So, to improve the service smallholdings and farms, tenants, agricultural cooperatives, gardening societies-it is advisable that the rural consumer society took an active part in the formation of associations for the supply of goods of industrial and household purposes and the purchase of agricultural products. These associations should contribute to better performance of farms small farm equipment, feed, mineral fertilizers and chemicals, building materials and other household goods, to create conditions for guaranteed purchases of the farm products, its processing in place to promote the development of rural subsistence farming, reproductive, farms to produce calves for sale to the public. When forming such associations is necessary-to establish close cooperation with existing territorial and sectoral associations of peasant farms and associations.
Other kind of associations, the formation of which is particularly interested in consumer cooperation, has associations of wholesale trade.
With order to gain influence on the industry for the production of necessary goods, expansion of their assortment, improvement of quality and acceptable prices, it is advisable to create in the areas of cooperative Association of wholesale trade by inclusion in the composition on wholesale bases and databases unions of consumer societies, industrial and other enterprises of consumer cooperatives, private joint stock, public and other enterprises. They need to deploy active commercial work, quickly and in detail to participate in the organization and holding of trade fairs and the work of the commodity exchanges.
Concern — statutory Association of industrial enterprises, scientific organizations, transport, banking, trade on the basis of complete financial dependence on one or a group of entrepreneurs. Organizations and enterprises — participants of the group gives it some of its powers and functions, including relations with other organizations, institutions and agencies.
Consortium — a temporary statutory Association of industrial and banking capital to achieve a common goal.
Joint-stock company — a society, which has statutory Fund divided into a definite number of shares of the same value and is responsible only for the obligations of the company's property.
Consumer cooperation organizations and enterprises with rights of legal persons can be members of AO for the purpose of conducting economic activities. Participation in such societies creates additional opportunities to address specific economic problems, as well as for the replenishment of financial resources.