Planning personal work of the Manager of the cooperative economy and personnel management

Hops. Management

Many managers easily get to work, which seems to them at some point of emergency. The more paperwork accumulates on the head of the table, so with great excitement he jumped on any work, not being able to focus and engage in most significant. However, many managers do not have the time, and often desire to use their time for planning personal work. Because the personality of the leader and his style of work, influence of subordinates, the latter also refrain from scheduling personal work. As a result, the control unit operates erratically, from the fall of key management problems, and efforts are focused on secondary.
Shortcomings in this area directly affect the effectiveness of the entire management apparatus, the management process and the effectiveness of management.
Consequently, a common range of issues related to the organization of labor management are of special importance in planning of working time and organization of their own labor.
The Manager is very important to identify your most important tasks, plan your time so that to deal with future development, not only address current issues.
Leaders who poorly plan their activities, have time only to consider the implications of a given situation, instead of rationally and consistently to guide all activities of the subordinate staff.
The starting point in planning personal work of the head is analysis of the use of their time and part of their duties.
Many managers due to lack of time and other reasons are not engaged in analysis of the use of their time. However, the analysis at least for records in a business notebook, may provide useful material for reflection: some questions can be solved not personally but to pass them on for consideration to subordinates; at which meetings it would be useful to present first the head, Deputy or specialist, and Vice versa, at a business meeting it would be better to be the head, so as not to waste time "questioning" delegated the essence of the problems that were solved, etc. The analysis will reveal, is not lost every day time since most of the reasons, the performance of the head, which was the reason for the regular lengthening of the working day beyond the limits.
Management is also effective when correctly defined duties of each employee of the management staff, including the head.
It should be noted that in the system of consumer cooperation is not given sufficient attention to the regulation of responsibilities of the management staff. Typically job descriptions are used, primering provisions on posts approved by the Board of Ukoopspilka. As a result, these instructions are not consistent with the specific workplace, not individualized regarding the identity of the specialist or Manager. Job descriptions are templates, they are overloaded with tasks, they don't have a balance between authority, tasks and responsibility. Some posts do not provide regulations.
Organization of personal work of Manager and subordinate specialists need to begin with a description of their jobs and the consolidation of this description in the job descriptions. Analysis of use of working hours of the head and preparation of official duties in the administration is the Foundation of effective planning personal work Manager.
In the practice of planning the operation of the head there are three types of plans:
long-term work plans, which generally cover the period of activities for the year;
work plans, covering the quarter; the weekly work plans of the head (schedules of daily work).
In the perspective plan of work should reflect the main activities of the supervisor during the year, as well as individual tasks that require the execution of several years, namely:
the development of industries and economic activities based on related work with counterparties in the market;
rationalization of production, trade and other economic processes;
selection of the most important areas of capital investments; improvement of working conditions and workers ' lives; the preparation and holding of social events, shareholders etc.
The communication of the perspective plan of personal work of the head with the plans of economic activity, intensification and rationalization of production and technical processes, social development team is that in terms of personal labour leader listed only those tasks on which he should concentrate his attention. The quarterly plan is a revised maturity and is focused on the main tasks list specific actions of the leader. A list of action points for the quarter to coordinate with the time budget Director and, if necessary, some points of the plan to convey to the deputies or assistants.
In the weekly and daily charts of the operation of the head set a clear schedule of each day. Weekly or daily work schedules are based on long-term planning of tasks and daily operational tasks. Every Friday, in the afternoon it is recommended to define the tasks for the coming week and enter them in the calendar or enter in a separate form.
It is best to use for this diaries, in which the assignment for the week can be placed on one page. You can also specify the time required to complete tasks. Recommended hard to not paint more than 60-70% of their time, because there might be unexpected things. Small group work is appropriate.
Every day should be the most difficult work and the working day to start with execution, then all the other easy. It is useful at least an hour early in the working day to stay "behind closed doors", but not to start with getting acquainted with the mail, because there rarely is something really urgent.
As a rule, experienced leader produces for himself and other techniques of personal work within the plan.
The personal work of the specialists of the management plan mainly on quarter and week. While the quarterly plan, it is advisable to make in the whole structural unit of the management staff, pointing it in the list of works, performers from among the unit employees and deadlines. The basis of such a plan shall be the plans of economic-financial activities of an organization or enterprise, personal work Director and private specialists of the Department, group or office. A quarterly plan must be communicated to each employee and to serve him with the guidance in weekly planning of personal work. Methods of preparing such a plan does not differ from considered above.