Communication by telephone

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Observations show that from 4 to 270/o of their time managers spend on telephone calls. The phone is one of the main technical irritants at work. Sometimes it seems that if it were not for the phone, business life would be more orderly and efficient. However, the phone is an irreplaceable assistant in work. However, he did not become a hindrance to fully realize its potential, you need to own the culture of business phone calls because it is an integral part of the business as a Manager.
The usual procedure of a telephone conversation consists of six basic operations: 1) communication; 2) representation of interlocutors; 3) the introduction of the interlocutor in the course of the case (of the question); 4) a discussion of the situation (question), her argument; 5) answers to the questions of the interviewee; 6) summary of conversation. Each of the operations has a different duration and may contain redundant information, which reduces the efficiency of the telephone CONVERSATION. In addition, the conversation may be paused due to technical reasons or poor training singing conversation to conversation.
Therefore, for the effective conduct of telephone conversations need special training to them.
Preparation for the future a phone conversation consists of a series of actions. If you first call the particular organization you should find out who specifically need to talk, that is, who has the necessary authority to solve the problem (surname, name, patronymic of the employee, position, phone number). Responsible for telephone calls, especially long distance and international, you must first make a list of questions in order not to miss important moments. You can place the list of issues on the left side of a sheet of paper, and from right — to make notes during the conversation (necessary data, names, details, dates, etc.).
Requires special attention to the style of the telephone conversation, which largely determines the process of perception of telephone information, the mood of the interlocutors etc.
Try calling your subscriber in the second half of the day, not shoot down it with working rhythm, when he with the greatest success decides its main objectives. You need to name myself before starting a conversation, even if you expect that you will recognize.
All conversations should be friendly tone. Even if the answer is precise and complete, but presented in a rough, neaktivni form, it is detrimental to the authority and the employee, and the organization has a negative impact on fact.
Input (external) telephone calls also require some training.
When performing emergency work, do not remove the tube completely or remove it immediately and politely ask to call back.
If the machine stands alone in the common room, where several employees, it is advisable to install it alternately on each Desk.
Many people raise the voice every time when badly hear the interlocutor, thereby, distracting others from work. In such cases, you need to ask the caller to speak up and ask how he hears you.
When removing the handset from the phone that rang, don't use a neutral feedback such as "Yes", "Listen", "Speak", and is more informative: "Ivanenko", "planning Department", etc. This eliminates error and confusion and saves time. Furthermore, the combination of feedback with direkomendasi business sets the tone for the entire conversation.
When calling the phone missing at this point, the employee need not be confined to a simple statement of fact, "no", and to answer something of this kind: "It is not. It will be then. Perhaps it something to pass?". And if you are really asked to do, don't rely on memory, immediately lock request and put the note on the table colleague.
Necessary phone numbers are recorded with reference to the surname, name, patronymic, institution or a specific thing that you associated with this person. Thus it is necessary to observe the following rules:
do not detain the interlocutor and make primary entry on a calendar and then transfer it to where it needs to be;
the phone number they use to constantly record in a notebook;
once a year risolti Notepad, and cross out numbers that are no longer needed;
in a year-two change a notebook, but do not discard the old.
If you have a Secretary, then he needs to charge to remember that the range of persons and organizations with whom you should connect at a certain time. In addition, the Secretary should know the nature of the issues falling within the competence of the Director and other employees of the organization, and direct the caller to the appropriate employee. In the absence of the head Secretary must record incoming phone calls best in Notepad, loose sheets, which you then need to tell him.
A modern Manager must also be able to use technical means to improve the efficiency of use of telecommunication.
Telephone along with the advantages also have some disadvantages, which create some inconvenience to subscribers and require additional time, which, if necessary, multiple calls can be a significant part of working time. To eliminate these disadvantages of using hubs, amplifiers, telephone apparatus, device for automatic dialing, automatic telephone responders and secretaries machines.