Problems of organization of the service control

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The starting point of the concept of control of actions of subordinates is this: in order to fully focus in what is done in the controlled business unit, or all functions are performed properly, do not need to monitor every function or each employee. Enough to cover the control of certain strategic points, the nodal functions.
An important problem of General importance is the orientation of the control but not the past for the future, so better with 75% certainty to predict the error that may happen in the future, if you do not take certain steps, than to have a 100% no knowledge about the origin of the error which is already allowed.
The third problem of service control is the selection of evaluations for subordinates to identify the level of performance of their official functions.
When evaluating the work of subordinates many leaders allowed such a mistake. Most of them often enough fact a well-executed subordinate work. The head is often the impression that the job that you can perform much better and he would have chosen another variant of execution. This assessment means that a subordinate wishing to obtain approval should be how to transform into the identity of the head, which is quite unnecessary. As a result, the slave a feeling of helplessness and not deserved resentment, loss of faith in its efficiency.
The head, when faced with the unpredictable behavior of the slave (the solution) must calm yourself psychologically understandable aversion to something unknown and ask ourselves the question: does the submitted job error that can detect specialist, emotionally indifferent of both sides? If there are no errors, the head is obliged without hesitation to approve the work of subordinate. The requirement that the work was done not only correct from any point of view, but also according to individual abilities of head, making the remnants of the past in the area of human relations, suppresses the autonomy and hinders the management process.
Of special note is the so-called administrative control, which is carried out during inspections of subordinate organizations and enterprises.
Historically, our country has developed so that the employees wanted one thing: complete tasks and, therefore, unconditional obedience. The termination of the manifestations of disobedience, deviation from the norms established by the state, the fight against theft was the sole purpose of administrative control. No one was interested to develop the initiative of employees, to facilitate the movement from below to improve the work, create a positive attitude on the part of employees to the enterprise-employer, develop an understanding of common interests. The concept of control was based exclusively on verifying compliance with regulations, laws and regulations and identifying violators. Monitoring was limited to registering the acts of disadvantages, i.e. negative in organizations that have been examined. In a market economy, this approach is anachronistic.
Administrative control is not an isolated, independent phenomenon, and is part of organizational dynamics. The theory of control must be properly mounted in the General science of management.
Any organization or enterprise, there are phenomena that deserve both positive and negative assessments, every organization has the strengths and weaknesses of their activities. Therefore, the control system is not only to establish the shadow aspects of the activity, but above all to identify the relationship of positive and negative sides. With this approach, you should abandon control based on control fact. Control fact I think the phenomenon, which brought a certain rate. Assuming h"control facts", in any working organization are picky and petty control can detect the number of " control of facts representing the secondary side of the result against the background of a fruitful and, in principle, correct operation. Effective control should be based on a different principle, which rejects the painting "a curve mirror" and requires disclosure of the true picture, which gives an idea of the totality of all activities of the organization or enterprise.
Bad control can cause the same damage and poorly done work. In addition, it is necessary to consider the economic aspects: the costs of control, labor costs of personnel, cut off from his own pursuits to service the controllers. Negative is also the practice of some organizations, the only meaning and goal of which is to prepare in case of control.
Control is a social value and you should try to this value is greater than cost.
Finally, we need to consider also the climate in which control is performed. Climate-related monitoring is negative if it is characterized not harmony and cooperation, and the game as a "godforsaken place": seeking the controlling and controlled hide. This "game" has a demoralizing effect on all its participants. The belief is that the controller is equally interested in finding both negative and positive aspects of the activity, will help to ensure that every employee of your organization or business, check, meet controller as a welcome guest. He will try to help the controller to penetrate into all aspects of the organization.