The external environment of the organization

Kuznetsov. Fundamentals of management

The representatives of the classical schools of management were analyzed primarily by internal factors of the organization. External factors remained outside their field of vision. In the late 50-ies in management thought occurs, and then increases picture of the importance of the external environment of the organization. Moreover, "the external environment of the organization is increasingly becoming a source of problems for contemporary managers. In fact, the leaders of the most important social organizations under the influence of the events occurring in the world, was forced to focus on the fast changing environment and its impact on the internal structure of organizations" [2].
Almost all the environmental factors are uncontrollable by the organization and its services. Even the best plan can fail because of the negative impact of uncontrolled factors. However, it should be noted that organizations can not only adapt to the changing environment, but also to some extent influence it.
In the analysis of the external factors usually distinguish the two types: factors of direct impact, sometimes called the near environment, and the factors of indirect effects, sometimes called shared environment.