The internal environment of the organization

Kuznetsov. Fundamentals of management

Development management is the result of many factors operating in the external environment and within the organization itself. Despite the increasing importance of external factors, internal are still crucial in the functioning and development of the organization. Moreover, they are objects and subjects of management. In literature, there is some variation in the approach to this issue, to determine the structure of the internal components of the organization. There are several approaches that can give you the quality of the internal environment — corporate structure, its culture and resources;* the objectives, structure, tasks, technology and people.** Sometimes, analyzing the internal environment of the organization, talking about the potential of enterprise management and production or economic.*** Analysis of the theory and practice of management requires an understanding of the internal environment as a dynamic phenomenon, i.e., to consider the internal factors as variables in their development. Internal variables are situational factors within the organization that are primarily controlled and regulated. The main variables of the internal environment of the organization are: goals; structure; manpower; equipment; inventories; technology; culture of the organization.