Implementation of design solutions

Kuznetsov. Fundamentals of management

Organization of implementation is the final stage, in which determines the sequence, timing adjustment of the organizational structure and performers. Analysis of the results of projects implementation, new organizational structures and projects of reorganization of management structures of existing enterprises shows that the main reason for the rejection or a sharp decline in the effectiveness of such innovations was the lack of appropriate organizational and management support.

Such implementing design solutions include:
- determination of the composition of the task which requires implementation at the organizational implementation of the project;
- creation of necessary resource provision (human, informational, technical, financial, etc.);
- the choice of organizational form and the planning system works;
- training employees from various departments in connection with the new orientation of the management structure;
- drafting orders, resolutions, other documentation and the organization of control over execution of the implementation plan;
- coordination and operational control of the process of implementation of project solutions;
- the development of material and moral encouragement of employees implementing organizational project.
Implementation of design solutions take into account the principle of the first head. Indeed, if the implementation process is comprehensive, systematic, it is quite natural that more extensive work will be conducted under the direct supervision of the head of the organization. Gives good results and the involvement of external consultants.
Special attention should be paid to conducting socio-psychological training, which aims to convince workers of the need not only of a positive perception of changes in the structure of the control system, but also active engagement in their implementation. This work should be carried out as project developers and managers of various ranks.
Progressive improvement in the quality of design works, reduction of terms of design is the creation of computer-aided design (CAD). However, the use of CAD to improve organizational structures is difficult because of the low level of formalization of the design process.
The economic efficiency of the organizational structure will manifest itself in improving the quality of administrative decisions, reduction of costs for the implementation of management processes, reducing the amount of information and other factors, depending on the specific design decisions.