Socio-psychological climate of labor collective, its nature and formation

Management of the Company

Socio-psychological climate is the totality of the circumstances that generate certain installation team members, which manifest themselves in their internal relationship and towards others, and its activities it Should be noted that these settings are amenable to deliberate manipulation by the team leader, and therefore, the state of socio - psychological climate in the team depends on it.
To components of the socio-psychological climate of the team include:
1. The degree of satisfaction with their activity that is quite subjective, as some members of the team will be considered a satisfaction that other dissatisfaction. The degree of satisfaction is affected by: the nature and content of the activity, attitude (attachment or aversion), prestige, remuneration, prospects, related opportunities, specific opportunities.
2. Psychological and socio-psychological compatibility. In the first match of temperaments of team members, the second - compliance of the professional and moral-psychological qualities. Social-psychological compatibility of the members of the team provided a number of conditions:
• rational distribution of functions, in which neither of the interacting agents will not be able to achieve success at the expense of another or, if that fails;
• matching personal capabilities of each the structure and content of its activities, tasks and, accordingly, the requirements that presented to him;
• the proximity or spitalny moral positions on the basis of which there is a mutual trust, the pursuit of understanding and willingness to cooperate.
• uniformity motives, activities, and individual aspirations of team members;
• the possibility of complementarity and based on the organic combination of the abilities of each employee in a single production process