Frames as the subject and object of management

Management of the Company

The essence of HR management is that people are treated as property of the company, received in the competition, you need to install (place), to motivate its activities to develop as and other resources to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.
The skills in the selection, placement, training, transfer, and material incentives of the employees largely depend on economic performance of any organization.
Labor resources are characterized by some specific features: first, the worker may refuse work conditions, can quit, strike, protest, the effectiveness of his work may vary, the employee may change profession, qualification, and secondly, it is geographically bound; not socially homogeneous and some of its functions can be performed by using technical means.
People - sensitive resource that acts, depending on the physiological characteristics, responds to the promotion and recovery, it is impossible to cheat. She had enough wisdom not to trust the words with deeds. Man seeks to know the meaning of life and are willing to sacrifice for him, but she needs freedom, development in the labor process, the feeling of success. Many of these characteristics change over time, so the system of personnel management is constantly changing and improving.
The efficiency of labor is revealed by the balanced scorecard. These include the growth of production and sales of major products per capita, the growth rate of labor productivity, the share of output growth due to productivity. The efficiency of human labor, the material and moral interest of the employee in this cultural and technical level of personnel and the extent of their social training, the duration of the shift and the shift coefficient of work of the personnel, equipment, and labor intensity directly affect the growth of social production.
Production control is carried out through system: with the help of man made some adjustments in the technical, technological and organizational side of the management process. But the workers themselves are the object of management. This relates primarily to the quantity and quality of labor, labor potential formation, its development, use, motivation work behavior, work and personal relationships and the like.
Personnel management - a systematic, systematically organized exposure to the interconnected organizational-economic and social measures in the process of formation, distribution, redistribution of the workforce at the enterprise level, creation of conditions for use of employment as an employee (labor) to ensure effective functioning of the enterprise and all-round development of employees.
The object of control is the individual worker, and some a combination of them, serving as the labor collective. The peculiarity of this group is to a certain interaction of employees through common goals.
As the subject of personnel management is a group of specialists who perform the corresponding functions as human resources practitioners, and managers at all levels, performing the function of control towards their subordinates.