The sequence of the basic processes of personnel management

Management of the Company

The essence of any activity can be characterized by a specific list of works, which constitute or are its constituent elements:
• Resource scheduling - developing a plan to meet future needs for human resources based on the strategy of enterprise development, production and sales of products, rendering of services. Workforce planning begins with an assessment of existing resources and forecasting future needs, and then design a program to meet future needs.
• The recruitment of staff. Involvement with various means of internal and external (submission of announcements to the special editions, on television and radio, the order of specialists in public and private employment agencies) for a certain number of personnel of various specialties and skills to create the pool of potential candidates for jobs from all posts.
• Selection - evaluation of candidates on workplaces and selection of best of a reserve created during a set.
• Determining pay and benefits - development of structure of wages and benefits to attract, hire and retain employees.
• Vocational guidance and adaptation: the introduction of employees to the organization and its departments, development workers understand what is expected of his organization and what work gets a proper assessment.
• Training is to develop programs to teach job skills that are necessary for the effective performance of the work.
• Assessment of working life: development of methods for the evaluation work and communicating it to employees.
• Increase, decrease, transfer, dismissal: development of measures to move employees to positions with greater or lesser responsibility, develop their professional experience by moving on other posts or sites of work, and procedures for termination of the contract of employment.
• Leadership training management, promotion: development of programs aimed at developing the abilities and raising the efficiency of labor management, ensuring professional growth and skill in planning a working(employment) career