Job description: the model employee and model posts

Management of the Company

When deciding what qualities must be inherent in the person who wants to make a case, there is a need for psychological study of the activity and personality. Such work requires much experience and special knowledge. To accomplish the work involved, psychologists and specialists, are well aware of this activity, have a high level of professionalism and extensive practical experience. The result of this work, i.e. professional graphic analysis of the labour force is job analysis.
Job analysis is a description and justification of the system requirements щ0 imposed on certain activities, occupation or profession to the person.
Any job description includes the information that on the one hand is characterized by the very professional activity (psychological job analysis) and a description of the requirements for the person which was included in this activity to his psyche as a list of professionally necessary qualities (mental graph).
At the time of writing the first part of the job description used the following scheme of analysis:
=> technical and economic description (technology, equipment, standards, remuneration and the like);
=> organization and working conditions at a particular workstation;
=> documentation of staff turnover, information about possible accidents
cases and typical mistakes made by employees;
=> a detailed description of work, i.e. a description of what and in what sequence the person performs in the course of the working day, what is his work;
=> requirements for General and specialized training necessary to perform the work.
The second part of the job description which reflects the requirements of the person, is more complex and covers the following areas: demographics; education; biomedical; psycho-physiological; psychological.
In addition, the presence of a person who wants to engage in this activity, the mentioned characteristics has a score, which is defined: is it as professionally necessary professionally important, professionally desirable.
♦ Demographic requirements cover the following indicators: dominance sex, duration of professional activity; the age range of workers.
♦ Educational requirements are determined by the level of knowledge required to perform the activity.
♦ Medico-biological requirements should include requirements for health and physical development of the face and contraindications to the profession.
♦ Physiological and psychological requirements are reflected in psychogram and include criteria and standards of professional suitability.
Drawing professiogram the process is complex and time-consuming, but careful and their preparation depends on the accuracy of determining professional suitability and effectiveness of the whole system of professional selection of personnel.