The release of personnel and social protection of redundant workers

Management of the Company

The release of the workforce of enterprises has objective character and is associated with a focus on intensive development of production: the introduction of technical and technological innovations, organizational changes in the sphere of labor, saving of living labor, as well as reorganization or liquidation of unprofitable enterprises and loss-making units.
With the release of the workforce from the enterprise should be guided by a number of circumstances that are contradictory, namely:
1) economic conditions require keeping the enterprise do the required number of workers and the release of excessive;
2) in accordance with applicable labour legislation increases the responsibility of enterprises for social protection of redundant workers (compensation), which can not contain their actual release. This has resulted as a consequence of the growth of hidden unemployment, the increase in the number of persons in a state of hidden unemployment, that is, people considered so that works, but actually she has no work and therefore does not receive wages;
3) the possible consequences of the employment of laid-off workers forced the state authorities in every way to keep mass layoffs from enterprises in this regard in employment programs include measures aimed at prevention of mass layoffs, as well as funds for retraining and retraining of redundant labor.
Alignment needed of the workforce and the actual number of employees by freeing up require considerable preparatory work. First, the estimated potential volume of the release and analyzes the reasons for such release; and second, investigated the possibility of attracting staff to another job in the organization to determine how many people should retrain, giving a new profession or specialization, where the number of workers should increase the qualification and the like; third, set the actual number of employees who must be released. According to the Law "On employment" svelniai personnel administration should notify two months prior to the dismissal, introduce each dismissed worker with the order on receipt. At the same time a list of redundant workers sent to the employment service at the place of residence of the employee. After the expiry of two months period a person retires, he is given an allowance of three-month average wage. If Vilva the person is not employed for three months she registers with the employment service at the place of residence as needing work and is assigned to the unemployment benefit.
If livelyand is not initiated by the enterprise administration, on the initiative of the worker, the procedure and the documents that accompany it.