The analysis of the quantitative and qualitative composition of the turnover of the enterprise

Management of the Company

Analysis of the qualitative composition of the personnel is a prerequisite for the definition of reserves of increase of efficiency of activity of the enterprise. In addition, a comparison of its performance with performance of similar companies is used to improve the structure of personnel.
The analysis of the qualitative composition of the staff, for example the commercial enterprise involves the study of employees by sex, age, level of education, work experience and other characteristics.
Important indicators of the qualitative composition of personnel are:
1. The staffing of the enterprises with the required number of staff in certain professions, specialties, qualifications, level of General and special education, the average age of employees. At the same time:
• estimated total work experience, work experience in this specialty at the facility;
• determined the number of employees who have mastered the related professions;
• evaluated the social activity of the workers.
2. The ratio of number of men and women in various positions and professional groups.
3. The quality of the placement positions and professions.
4. The degree of compliance with the requirements of the workplace.
5. The duration of use of the employee on the same post.
The key analytical method of determining qualitative composition
the staff of the enterprise is the balance of the comparison, the comparison of the staffing requirements for workers for the production program of the number, occupations, qualifications, education and their presence.
Data such as the combination of professions, the average age, the relative number of men and women in the units compared with averages for the enterprise Association.

There is also a line of specialties, economists, engineers, technicians for the diploma with their need for staffing.
An important indicator of the quality of staff in enterprises is the availability of employees, which combine the profession.
It should also be borne in mind that besides the external turnover of personnel at the enterprise there is an internal circulation - the transfer of workers from one category (position) to another, from one Department to another and the like.