Stressful situations in the activities of the team

Management of the Company

Stress is the most powerful expression of emotions, which trigger a complex physiological reaction.
The profession of Manager is one of the most "stressful" professions. Even in the most progressive and easily managed, there are situations that negatively affect a person, leading to stress. One type of stress that occurs in the head usually is characterized by an extraordinary psychological and physiological stress. As a result of such overvoltages occur a variety of diseases and disease States, namely: loss of appetite, nervousness, depression, loss of interest in communication and the like.
To the most stable factors that lead to tension are:
1) high workload;
2) lack of time;
3) negative emotions associated with the wait state;
4) unresolved conflicts;
5) contradictions between the requirements and possibilities of their implementation;
6) complex problems that require responsible management decisions and which are long time impossible to solve;
7) negative psychological climate in the team;
8) fuzzy formulation of the tasks, their frequent change;
9) unclear prospects for promotion;
10) the qualification of the employee is insufficient for the execution of entrusted Affairs.
The accumulated experience of the management of domestic and foreign organizations identify the following basic protection from stress:
• Change orientations. You should have multiple goals, which can be solved simultaneously and, when solving one problem, there is a stressful situation, you should focus on solving other problems.
• The ability to abandon what cannot be achieved. You should cultivate in yourself the quality that would have enabled them to refuse to resolve a specific problem, reduce the value to reduce losses from the inability to implement it.
• Ability to calculate in advance the possible failure and its consequences.
• The ability to distinguish a setback from a disaster, private blunder from the collapse of all life plans.
• The ability to relax.
• Companionship.
• Humor.
• The ability to distinguish a service relationship from the personal.
• Use a priority system: that is, learn to identify several important things that need to be addressed today, tomorrow, or when you have time. In the words of the heroine of the novel gone with the wind: "I'll think About it tomorrow."
• Learn to say "no". As a rule, if the person responsible and careful when executing instructions of the management, it gets compared to other workers a significantly larger number of urgent unforeseen tasks that require much attention and time. In such cases, do your best to gently refuse the job if you suffer from its excess, explaining their attitude to the problem
• Feel free to ask questions when getting a job
that will help You to avoid having to refer back to the Manager or remodel job that You do not understand, how it should perform.