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Features variety of commercial enterprises and their characteristic features

Management of the Company

Trade is one of the largest sectors of the economy of any country both in terms of activity and in number of employed workers in it and the companies of this sector belong to the most popular. The main objectives of trade enterprises are:
• explore and meet demand both in assortment and quality of goods;
• organization of high-level trade customer service to the provision of services
Common signs of commercial enterprise as an independent economic entity is authorized purchase, sale of goods and public services to meet their needs and on this basis a profit.
Despite these common features of commercial enterprises, they are distinguished from each other by the following characteristics:
1) the composition of the main contingent of customers served;
2) the nature of the allocation in the settlement;
3) in the form of commodity specialization;
4) for the group served customers in view of their ability to purchase goods;
5) the method of sale of goods;
6) the size of retail space.

2. The nature of placement in the settlement enterprise, established in cities divided into two main groups:
• enterprises that are placed directly in the field of residential development;
companies that are placed in locations citywide importance.
The nature of the placement of commercial enterprise is determined by various factors, and in particular the size of the city and its planning structure; As intercity transport links; directions and intensity of the main flow of movement (migration) of population; but the most important factor in this is its functional orientation to meet the needs of major groups of customers.
For example, companies that are directly in residential building must satisfy the massive and ongoing need for consumer goods (major groups of food, some notions and household goods, perfume, etc.).
Therefore, determining factor in the placement of these companies are walking radius (it passed within 500 m).
As for the second group commercial (enterprise-wide value) they are designed to meet the periodic and episodic needs of customers in goods, compared durables (furniture, vehicles, musical instruments, etc.). Therefore, the radius of pedestrian accessibility for customers is not important, the main factor for them there is a breadth of choice offered goods and providing transport accessibility when placing trade.
In rural areas the first group company located in the territory of rural settlements, while the second group created the company usually only in central villages, along with administrative, industrial, cultural and educational institutions.

In universal enterprises realized a wide range of food or non-food products. These include operating in the cities of Ukraine company "Supermarket", "Deli", "Store". This universal company for the sale of food (supermarket) perform well for certain groups of non-food products, confectionery and culinary products produced. At the same time universal commercial enterprise (department stores) may also sell the purchased certain types of food as well as culinary and pastry own making. [/ Announce]
Universal company is the largest, independently managing complex management objects that have a lot of product divisions and sections are well equipped with modern technology and require managers of professionalism in the functioning of all the major segments of the consumer market.
you advanced economies widely introduced universal commercial enterprises such as supermarkets and supermarket, for example in France, is a large-scale in terms of sales and production range.
The size of the trade area of ​​the department store is approximately 1500-1800 m. It sells mainly food products, the range is about 5,000 items. Supermarket along with selling products provides customers a wide variety of services domestic nature. Hypermarket - a large-scale commercial enterprise with sales area over 2500 m2, which sells food and goods with a very wide range - up to 50,000 items, of which 4000-5000 up food items. In addition, such enterprises can buy related products.
Hypermarkets are usually on the outskirts of the city.
Specialized trading companies include such products that implement any one of (clothing, furniture, shoes, milk, bread, fish).
Specialization of companies dictated the necessity of a special regime of storage, preparation of goods for sale, as well as creating the most convenience for customers.