Material and technical enterprise subsystem

Management of the Company

To implement the production, trading or other economic activities of any company must have inputs that are subsystem company.
The elements of logistics subsystems enterprise is all fixed assets that are at his disposal, as well as revolving funds (raw materials, fuel and other material resources).

The main assets of the main type of activities of the company include:
• Buildings
• Buildings
• transmitter
• Machinery and Equipment
• Tools
• Industrial equipment
• Household equipment and others.
The main assets of other sectors of the economy that are not directly related to the sale of goods (production of goods or provision of services) but perform some auxiliary utility and service functions in commercial enterprises, they are the main assets of material production as transport construction, manufacturing, consumer services, information and computing services and others.
Today every company is using other assets (material resources) non-production, that is non-productive assets, which are also elements of the enterprise subsystems. The use of non-productive assets associated with the activities relating to the branches of non-productive sectors (utilities, passenger transport, education, culture, health, recreation and tourism, social security, etc.).

In the management of logistical resources as a subsystem of enterprises is of great importance to spatial location (in the same building or in multiple, one-story building or a few, in various areas or in one size industrial or commercial premises, their spatial planning, expandable, availability of communications, etc.).
From the spatial distribution of inputs depends on the number of managerial staff, their composition, the number of workers and employees, production volumes, turnover and inventory, staff productivity gains and volumes.
Continuous development and improvement of material and technical subsystems company promotes expanding the rate of production of goods, providing services to consumers, keeping the image and competitiveness of the company and achieve its objectives.