Subsystem Technology Company

Management of the Company

By technological subsystems are progressive means of converting the input elements (materials, information, materials, capital and so on weekends (product, revenue, service, fun staff, development of new markets for products and so on.).
For example, in the trade to advanced technologies include the sale of goods by self-use containers for shipping and sale of goods trade on international plastic cards, integrated mechanization and automation of acceptance, packaging, stacking and movement of goods, accounting material and financial resources, standardization trade and other services.
Technological subsystem also includes a flexible manufacturing processes, the availability of competitive ideas, research and development to improve the processes of production, trade and other activities.
Technological subsystem in enterprises covering machines, mechanisms and tools, skills and knowledge. The technology also provides implementation, such as the trade on innovation acceptance, transfer, distribution and sale of goods, accounting and controls and effective use of all enterprise resources and more.
The main objective is to accelerate technological subsystems all processes associated with the production, sale of goods, provision of services to consumers and other activities to achieve certain goals of the company.