The image of the company and its formation

Management of the Company

At the first stage of enterprise life cycle (birth) founder should think about how to create a high image of your business.
The image of the company - is its image, the impression is that (formed) to customers (buyers), businessmen, public, commercial contractors of goods, services and the company, which manufactures and sells this product or provide the service.
The high image of the company is usually assessed through goodwill, ie the level of its reputation, won his marketing position in the market vidpratsovanosti internal technology activities, behaviors representatives of the company and their personal and productive culture.
Goodwill - intended to increase profitability of the company compared to similar companies.
The basis of the image of the company are:
• Style existing internal and external business and interpersonal relations staff;
• official attributes - name, logo, trade (trade) mark.
Style internal and external business and interpersonal relations staff manifested in methods and techniques of any work, compliance with certain accepted standards of ethics and conduct communication and so on.
As for the official attributes the company and the issue of its name is so serious that it viewed the legislation, although only in relation reflect the organizational and legal forms. Thus, the full name of the company (trust company) must contain either the names (names - in the case of legal persons) of all its participants and the words "general partnership" or the name (title) of one or more of them with the addition of the words "and company "and" full partnership "," partnership of trust. " For example, "Serhiyenko and Company" - "General partnership".
In the name of the company in addition to its own titles include the word "limited", "additional liability".

Name of state and municipal enterprises must include a reference to the owner of the property, for example, "state enterprise", "municipal enterprise", "public enterprise".
From the content point of view name can be registered, subject or combined.
Of course, the choice of the name of the company - is a matter of taste of its owner, but the theory and practice of management in this area have produced some principles to follow advisable.
The first principle is that the name of the company should be as short, beautiful, original but not excessive claims.
The second principle involves related to various acronyms and abbreviations. Successful reduction option you can give the name "Incombank", "Gifts of fields", "McDonalds" and others.
The third principle requires the name of the enterprise avoided without the need of foreign words, especially if their native language is full of coincidences.
Symbols enterprise includes the logo, like its name, the required taste and sense of proportion, it must be modern and reflect at least in general terms what the company is engaged. As for colors, you should remember that when in its "internal" use only proceed from the principle of aesthetics, then the output abroad, should take into account national traditions respective countries and peoples.
In the East, such as white - a symbol of mourning, and hardly venture that it is widely used, there would enjoy success.
Achieving high image of the company in the development of a market economy contributes to:
• Continuous increase the rate of production, sale of goods and services to consumers;
• conquering new markets for products and services;
• High organizational culture production, sale of goods and services;
• constant innovation to production, sales and services;
• High level of competitiveness of manufactured products;
• constant advertising through mass media company achievements in the development of production, goods and services, innovation, expansion prospects and generated sales and its advantages over other counterparts like.