General provisions for the registration and licensing of certain activities

Management of the Company

In order to create a clear system of accounting companies and regulation of their activities are general provisions for the registration and licensing of certain types of work.
Thus, according to the Law "On Enterprises in Ukraine", all companies must be registered in the state registration at their place of residence.
Enterprise acquires legal personality only after its registration.
For state registration of enterprises submitted the following documents:
1. Decision owner (s) of the property or authorized by him (them) body of a legal entity. If the owners or their authorized bodies of two or more, such a decision is constitutive (founding) Treaty and the protocol of a constituent assembly (conference) in cases provided by law.
2. Charter company.
3. Registration card standard form, which is both a statement of registration.
4. Written confirmation of the legal address of the company.
5. A document confirming payment of the owner (s) contribution to the authorized capital of the business entity in the amount provided by law.
6. A document confirming payment for state registration.
7. The decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of agreement on establishment, reorganization (merger) companies if the legislation Ukraine provides for the need for such an agreement.
State registration prohibited to require businesses additional documents not provided for by law.
The public register shall within five working days submit a registration card in the Register of business entities and issue a certificate of state registration of standard pattern of bear identification number (if applicable), served by a public register to the state statistics.
In the required period from the date of registration of state registration authorities sent a copy of the registration card with a note on the state registration of the relevant state tax authority and the state statistics and provide information about the registration of the company in social insurance and pension fund Ukraine.
The certificate of state registration and a copy of the document confirming the capture of its registration in the state tax authority, is the basis for opening accounts in banks Ukraine.
According to the current legislation of Ukraine the company can carry out all the activities set forth in the statute, except a few. Yes, only state enterprises can carry out production and sale of drugs, military weapons and ammunition, explosives and so on.
Subject to licensing as those activities that directly affect people's health, environment and environmental security.
Yes, without a license (permit), issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or the authorized executive body shall not be made the following activities:
• Search (exploration) and exploitation of mineral deposits;
• manufacture, repair and sale of sports and hunting firearms and ammunition, and knives, airgun caliber greater than 4.5 mm and the speed of a bullet over 100 meters per second;
• production of beer, alcoholic beverages and the manufacture and sale of ethyl alcohol, cognac and fruit;
• production of tobacco, medical, legal and veterinary practices;
• Creation of gambling establishments, organization of gambling;
• international transport of passengers and goods by rail and road (except CIS countries), air, river and sea transport;
• manufacture and importation of securities forms, documents of strict accounting and postage stamps;
• mining of precious metals and stones;
• audit and insurance activities;
• production of veterinary drugs;
• forensic expert activities;
• Mediation in employment abroad and others.
To obtain a license for each type of business entity delivers enterprise body which issues the license application for the license, which states:
1. Name, address, bank details, legal form, identification code;
2. Type of activity for which the applicant must obtain a license;
3. The term of the license;
Documents attached copies of the certificate of state registration and constituent documents.
In the license shall include:
• the name and identification number of the body that issued the license;
• the name, address and identification number of the company;
• activity for which the license is granted and place of its implementation;
• specific conditions and rules of the activity (licensing conditions);
• license registration number, date of issue and validity.
The license is issued after the decision on extradition and the applicant submits to the authority which issues licenses, proof of payment of the license fee.
The authority issuing licenses, decides on the license or its refusal to issue no later than 30 days after receiving the application and relevant documents.
The term of the license set by the authority issuing it, but can not be less than three years.
The license may be renewed for a new term at the request of the management.