Creation of joint venture

Management of the Company

Objective processes of internationalization of economic life lead to the development of different types and forms of international business.
At the present stage of development of market economy joint ventures (JVs) with foreign partners is important and one of the main directions of penetration of foreign markets, attracting foreign capital for large-scale business development.
The establishment of the joint venture was adopted by the participants (legal or natural persons) themselves. The authorized capital of the joint venture created by the deposits of members of business.

The protocol of intent to establish a joint venture indicates the date and place of signing the protocol, the main issues considered side location of the future joint venture company, nature of business, the order of creation of authorized capital and the distribution of future profits, management, procedure for the exchange of delegations.
The protocol of intentions signed by the parties and certified seal.
In addition, the founding documents of both types of companies, it is useful to define the participation of shareholders (participants) in the management of the company, procedures and methods of making deposits (payment for shares), responsible for their untimely introduction, the procedure estimates the share's where the property they passed on use, profit distribution company on the results of work and assets in liquidation of the company, the authorized fund size of the reserve fund and annual contributions to it.
If the constituent documents of the company did not specify the term of its activities, the Company is established in indeterminable period.
Along with this charter small business in the form of a joint stock company must also address issues related to the disposal of shares, issue shares and rights pryvilehiyovanyh their owners, shareholders convening an extraordinary meeting, the Supervisory Board, making way to bring about change in the statutory fund.
To register a small business set common to all business lines - no more than five working days after the submission of the required documents.
After state registration of small business to the legislation opens the account in the banking institution, and decides on the production of stamps in advance prepared sketches.
Seals and stamps should be listed enterprise identification code.
Account of the company opened in the bank at the place of business or in any bank of Ukraine by agreement of the parties.
Each company may open only one account. To open an account the company delivers submit the following documents:
1. The application to the bank branch to open an account. The statement signed by the head and chief accountant of the company. If the state no chief accountant or any other person that the cone of his duties, a statement signed by the head only.
2. Copy (decisions) of state registration, notarized authority.
3. Notarized copy of the decision of the founder on the establishment of a small business, or the foundation agreement - for enterprises in the form of a business partnership.
4. A copy of the duly approved and registered the charter company.
After an appropriate mark on the original charter of the bank, which are the mark of tax inspection and the Statistical Office, the copy back to the enterprise; signature card and seal.
Samples of their signatures on the card put the person entitled to the first and second signature on the account. The right of first signature always belongs to the head company, which opened account as well as the officials authorized by the supervisor.
The right of first signature can not be granted to the chief accountant and other persons entitled to second signature. The right of second signature belongs to the chief accountant, and in his absence, by decision of the manager - the person entrusted with accounting and drafting reports.
The card with the signature and seal must be certified by the head of the company - founded or notary.
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