The essence of the organizational structure, its role and components

Management of the Company

The efficiency of the company largely depends on its organizational structure, principles of its construction and continuous improvement.
Under the organizational structure of management of the enterprise to understand the nature and the relationship and communication between formally separate units and levels of management. Therefore, the characteristic features of organizational structure of management is a set of units, individual officers and relationship between them arising from the execution of tasks to achieve the goals of the company.
The main structural units can be departments, sections, groups. They differ in the number of employees And the scope of managerial functions. The creation of a unit depends on the volume of work required to perform tasks in the enterprise.
The main constituent elements of the organizational structure of enterprise management is:
• the number and types of control links at each level;
• mutual accommodation, respect, and subordination of these links;
• tasks, rights, duties, powers and responsibilities of each link in the framework of the common partial (special) functions;
• the degree of centralization and decentralization of management functions;
• the number and qualification of personnel.
It should be borne in mind that all medium and large companies must create organizational structures of management. An exception may be only a small company where the owner (often employing up to 8-10 people) able to independently solve all issues and require the assistance of other workers.
The need for the formation of organizational structures due to the process of division of labor in the enterprise and implementation of process management and implementation of interesting features.
In addition, with the help of the organizational management structure, organized activities in the administration, rational division of powers and responsibilities, the consistency of the actions of leaders at all levels of management.