Modern approaches to the formation and development of organizational structures of management of enterprises in conditions of market economy

Management of the Company

The basis for the formation of orgstructure newly created and existing companies need to put their orientation on market relations and diversity of forms of ownership.
The organizational structure of the enterprise in modern conditions should provide a number of fundamentally new to the business objectives:
obtaining reliable, accurate information about the market structure and the dynamics of demand, tastes and desires of consumers, that is, information about the external conditions of functioning of the enterprise;
the orientation of the enterprise when choosing a product, provide services to consumers, on the possibility of manufacturing cycle material resources;
rational selection and placement;
successful solution of social programs;
ensuring all production elements production and trade-technological process;
the creation of this range of products and services that meets market requirements better than the product or service of a competitor, satisfying a demand, solves the problem of the consumer";
to sell their products and achieve financial well-being;
predictive assessment of the enterprise's profit and its distribution;
the required impact on consumer demand and the market, providing the greatest possible control over implementation.
The modern organizational structure of management shall meet the following requirements (Fig. 76).
For the purpose of timely revealing of reserves of increase of efficiency of the current organizational structures of enterprise management in modern conditions of managing it is necessary to systematically analyze the functioning of all elements of the structure of the enterprise. Special attention should be paid to the level of maintain regular direct and inverse relationships between levels of government, the precise performance of each of them certain tasks to ensure the necessary resources to achieve their goals. In case of detection of significant deviations of the individual links from the goals, you must promptly make the appropriate changes (adjustments) to the construction of a management structure. These tasks must be performed by the managers and Deputy senior managers of enterprise management.
Compliance with the goals and objectives of the enterprise
Coverage of all management functions
A clear distribution of functions and scope of managerial work across levels of governance
The rational combination of centralization and decentralization of each function
Flexibility in accordance with the objectives changing economic conditions
Optimization of the number of subordinates one supervisor
For each level of the management system of the organization of work instructions, standards and norms for functions
The minimum required number of hierarchical levels (levels of management)
The conformity of the qualities of managerial staff functions that they are
Innovative direction for the development of the structure
Each level of management should be given the right and obligation to take appropriate decisions
Between all structural divisions and officials
should be clearly delineated powers and responsibilities. But this distinction should not stifle the initiative of links management
The responsibility of every official at any level must meet her rights to make decision for which it is responsible, and the volume of administrative functions - the number of staff entrusted with their implementation