Features modern concept of management of the company

Management of the Company

The concept (from lat.Soperga - perception). In a broader sense, the concept is a system of views on approaches to the management of the company in certain circumstances.
In the conditions of market relations is formed and the relevant market concept of management of the company, which is based on the fact that management is an activity freely of the business entity which made ordering of the structure elements on the basis of market mechanisms of regulation of production, trade, and other processes.
The management of the company, in General, is a specific intellectual human activity associated with regular targeted effect on the elements of the system to achieve certain goals. But in all approaches to determining the nature of management of the company it always has goals and methods of achieving them.
In the market concept of management of the company its goals are determined by the specific interests of the staff, receipt of his profits to meet social and economic needs of its members and owners.
The main methods of achieving the objectives of the enterprise is the use mainly of economic methods of management.
In the market concept of management of economy regulates the market and the needs of consumers. The market concept significantly changes the specifics of managerial work, turning the control commands received from the senior levels of management, highly qualified entrepreneurs and managers, encourages them to active creative work, entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, innovative technical and strategic solutions ability to work with people.
In these circumstances, management is the science and art of decision-making to create competitive advantages and overcome competitive barriers.
The transition to a market economy is a fundamental change of orientation in the activities of enterprises. The company should be the only economic goal of improving the efficiency of production, trade, services and other activities, profit maximization in the Long term, the conquest of new markets.
Significantly increased responsibility for the state of Affairs and powers of the management bodies of the company.
The rejection of Central planning dramatically increases the role of internal planning, strategy and tactics of behavior in the market. All of this requires effort from all economic departments, departments of marketing, forecasting and strategy development, improve the level of internal organization of activity of the enterprise.
Modern concept of management oriented to the market, based on the achievements of the world experience of effective management of the enterprise and its mandatory elements are the forecasting of future trends, goal setting, development of programs and mechanism to achieve them. This management strategy best suits the needs of enterprises that operate in competitive environment of market economy.
The market concept of management demanded a review of all elements of the management system, the main among which are the principles and functions of management.
Formulating them relative to the market conditions should be the first thing to keep in mind the social aspect of management. The company's management is directed, first, on people, to make people capable of effective collaboration; secondly, it needs to formulate a simple and clear tasks, the solution of which directed the efforts of the enterprise; third, it is inseparable from corporate culture; fourthly it provides that the assessment of managers ' work can not be limited only to productive (commercial) indicators, it should be multilateral; fifth, it forms communications between people and defines the individual responsibilities of each employee in the enterprise.