The mission of the company and the process of its development

Management of the Company

Mission (from the Latin.ggho - order).
In the broader sense of mission is a calling, clearly defined reason for the existence of the enterprise. The mission of the company is defined by its founder (founders) and is a General basic guideline for the company's management during the implementation of certain types of entrepreneurial activity.
For example, the mission of commercial enterprises is to satisfy customers ' needs in goods and services, to take a leading position in this field, receiving the desired profit.
The mission of the automotive company, which was founded by Henry Ford, is providing people with cheap transportation.
The formation of the company's mission is aimed at determining the main types of business activities: production of goods, their sale, service, conquest of new markets, the increase in the number of consumers of the products or services.
In a market economy, only the correctly chosen mission ensures the success of the enterprise.
Experience has shown that often managers of different levels the mission and objectives of the company understand that only profit-that is their mistake.
Profit is entirely internal problem of the enterprise that is associated with the effective use of all Resources.
Since the company is an open system, it can survive in the end only when it is to satisfy some need in the external environment.
To earn the profit necessary for survival, the company must constantly monitor the environment in which it operates. To select the mission, supervisors, specialists have to answer such questions.
"Who is, and will in the future consumers of our products (goods) and services?"
and "What our clients' needs we can meet today and in the future?"
The choice of such a narrow mission, as the profit, limits the ability of management to explore acceptable alternatives when making decisions.
Choosing the mission of the enterprise should explain the fundamental differences Your company available that will allow you to obtain certain advantages in the competition with the correct orientation in the formation of needs.