Management rental company

Management of the Company

Enterprise management is carried out in accordance with the Charter on the basis of a combination of a tenant's rights of economic use of the leased property: the principles of self-government of the collective tenants.
The lessee determines the structure and establishes the States.
The highest governing body of the company is General meeting (conference) of the tenants. To the competence of General meeting of tenants included: 1) approval of the Charter of the lease enterprise and the introduction of changes and amendments; 2) approval of the Director of the enterprise and determination of its main functions, rights and responsibilities; 3) approval of organizational structure of management; 4) approval of the procedure of redemption of the property; 5) approval of regulations on the distribution of income, wages.

To the competence of General meeting of tenants in their decision may be related and other issues.
Operational lease the company is run by a Director who is selected on a competitive basis and approved by the Supreme management body (collection of tenants). The Director of the enterprise, according to the approved meeting tenants ' organizational structure, forms a control unit - structural units of enterprises, which operate in accordance with the Provisions developed by the managers of the divisions and approved by the order of Director of the company.
Director of the company acts on behalf of the rental company to the extent permitted by law and the Charter of the lease enterprise. Director accountable to the General meeting Oren. gifts. The competence of the Director of the enterprise is the solution of all ^ questions of activity of the enterprise that are not included in the functions of General meeting of tenants. Thus, in particular the Director of the company forms the management apparatus, without power of attorney represent the company in public authorities, enterprises and other organizations, manages the property under the terms of the agreement for its lease, shall issue orders within its competence defined by the Charter, issues powers of attorney, enters into the economic (commercial) transactions, ensures that all decisions of General meeting of tenants, and perform other functions determined by the Supreme governing body.
Functions of the Deputy Director determines and prepares the appropriate order (instruction).
So, the Deputy of economic Affairs ensures the development and communication of implementation plans for the production and sale of products, provision of services, performs analysis of the implementation of the finished tasks developed in conjunction with the Department of Economics of payment of personnel incentives, etc. Deputy for commercial Affairs in conjunction with the trade Department is studying the demand of consumers for goods and services, organize the purchase and delivery of goods for sale, conducting marketing research, and more.
Chief accountant together with the employees of the accounting Department organize the accounting of commodity and financial resources, payments to suppliers of goods, balance of enterprise activity and statistical reporting.
Other units of the machine control and individual officials (legal Advisor, head of household, chief engineer, office Secretary) also perform the appropriate functions in accordance with the regulations on divisions and job descriptions.