Running a small business

Management of the Company

Running a small business is based on self-government and participation of the staff in addressing the key issues.
In a small business often units are absent, and relevant participants (staff) report directly to the head of the company.
The Supreme body of management in a small company is the General meeting of labor collective. The competence of the General meeting of labor staff include:
1) the adoption of the Charter; 2) review and approval of candidates for the posts included in the nomenclature of the founder, if necessary, takes the decision to release from office the Director and chief accountant; 3) review and approve the plans for economic and social development;4) decide issues related to the establishment of the organizational structure, changes of state; 5) hears and approves reports of Director on the results of the economic and contractual activities of the company; 6) decide on work schedule and work rules; 7) determine the allocation of income and approval of the remuneration system; 8) make decisions on reorganization and liquidation of the company.
To the competence of General meeting of labour collective can be related some other issues regarding their solutions.
Runs a small business Director, who reports it to the founder (founders). He reports to him about the work and organizes the work in those directions which have been approved by the higher authorities of the enterprise.
The Director acts on the basis of the principles of autocracy, without power of attorney represent a small enterprise in Central and local bodies of power and government, ministries, agencies, courts, arbitration, enterprises and other organizations, manages the property, issues orders within his competence; and dismiss employees that do not fall within the competence of the General meeting, concludes agreements, issues powers of attorney, executes decisions of the General meeting and performs other duties defined by the founder of the company.
If a full-time schedule provided the position of Deputy Director, his functions are specified by the Director and prepares in accordance with the order of the company on the allocation of responsibilities.
Functions of other employees of the company defines the Director and secured in the job descriptions that are approved by the order of the company or in the employment contracts.
If the company is newly created, then it is free choice and запрошу6 the work requires specialists. Labour relations in a small company executed employment contract.
The Director dismissed the founder of the company based on the decision of General meeting of labour collective. The Director is responsible for the proper performance of its functions under the Charter or contract and applicable law.