Management limited liability company

Management of the Company

For management of the company creates the following bodies: 1) Assembly of members; 2) the audit Commission; 3) Director.
The highest governing body is the members meeting. They consist of members or their nominated representatives. The participants ' representatives may be permanent or appointed for a fixed term. The participant has the right at any time to leave its representative by notifying the other participants. The number of votes each participant in the meeting is determined in proportion to members ' shares in the statutory Fund.
Meeting of participants elects the Chairman of the meeting often for up to 1 year. The competence of the meeting participants include the following issues: 1) defining the mission and strategy of the company activities;
2) approval of the company Charter and amendments thereto;
3) approval of the organizational structure of the management apparatus;
4) education, reorganization and liquidation of subsidiaries, branches;
5) making decisions on the termination of activity of the company;
6) approval of members of the auditing Commission, the Directorate, reports on the activities of the society, the system of payment and motivation of personnel, bringing to responsibility of officials of the company, acceptance and exclusion of members, etc.
The members meeting shall be convened at least 4 times a year. Management of current activity of the company is the Executive body - Directorate. The Directorate is headed by the Director-General, who forms the management apparatus, the distribution of tasks between departments and individual specialists, publishes orders, directives 3 any issues of current economic activity that is not within the competence of the Supreme body, shall sign all kinds of documents, without a power of attorney represents the company in all public authorities, other organizations and is responsible for the proper performance of its functions under the Charter contracts and applicable law.
The Directorate included: 1) the Director of marketing; 2) Director of Economics and Finance; 3) Director of staff etc. which are in fact the deputies of the General Director.
Functions of the General Director defines the Supreme body - meeting of members and functions of members of the Board - General Director, and their functions are captured in the job descriptions that are approved by the General Director or in the employment contracts.
The General Director and members of the Directorate cannot be members of the audit Committee. The auditing Commission shall exercise control over all types of economic (commercial) activities, and is accountable only to the higher authority. Heads the audit Committee Chairman, and the members are selected and approved by a higher authority ~ the meeting of the society.
The main functions, rights and responsibilities of the internal audit Commission approved by the meeting of the society and recorded in its Charter.