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The nature, characteristics and components of commercial activity retailers

Management of the Company

Commerce (lat. commercium - trade) - activities related to the sale of goods and rendering of services to customers. The activities of commercial enterprises is related primarily to the needs of people, affected by many factors and covers a very wide range of organisational and technological, economic and financial nature, which require daily decisions.
In modern conditions of Commerce acts as a kind of commercial enterprise or business, but business noble, which is the basis of any civilized market economy.
Issues a skilled and competent commercial activities trade and other sectors of economy in conditions of transition to market relations has become extremely relevant. Commercial operations increasingly become the object of the work of many categories of sales staff, including marketing and commercial services trade, production and non-production organizations of various forms of ownership, enterprises of service, sales and production joint ventures, joint stock companies, on commodity exchanges, and other commercial structures such as the internal economic and external economic spheres of activity.
It should be borne in mind that commercial activity in the trade as an independent branch of national economy is a vast field of operational and organizational activities of commercial enterprises to implement the processes of sale of goods, provision of services to meet public demand, and receiving on this basis of profit.
Composite controls commercial activities of enterprises are:
• study and forecasting of demand of the population of the region for goods and services;
• studying the market of goods and services;
• study and analysis of possible sources of supply (procurement) of goods and services;
• organization of rational economic (commercial) relations with suppliers, including conclusion of the respective mutually beneficial agreements (agreements);
• organization of accounting and permanent control of fulfillment of contractual obligations for the supply of goods, etc.
In addition, the General business management in commercial enterprises include: 1) formation of the optimal assortment of goods and services corresponding to demand of consumers; 2) the organization of advertising of goods and services provided to customers; 3) the sale of consumer goods and provision of services (delivery of goods to the specified address buyers, the installation, adjustment, advice on maintenance of equipment, etc; 4) payment for goods and services; 5) inventory management created by companies to smooth trade.
The peculiarities of management in the commercial activities of the business organization in the conditions of market relations is based on the principle of full equality of trading partners for the procurement of goods and their delivery, economic independence of producers (suppliers) and buyers, strict physical and financial responsibility of parties for fulfillment of obligations.
The specificity of commercial activity in the trade enterprise lies in the fact that his administration, unlike industrial enterprises, engaged, basically just the involvement of the turnover of manufacturers of different forms of ownership and different legal structures, supplier and intermediary, citizens engaged in individual labor activity, overseas suppliers and other sources.
This requires commercial services trading enterprises is the constant monitoring and forecasting capacity of regional and commodity markets, the intensive development and improvement of promotional activities, coordination of the procurement work suppliers and consumers of products and services.
Management commercial unit commercial enterprise must strengthen the organization of the extension of the sphere of foreign economic activity with the use of various forms of economic and financial relations (barter, clearing, settlement in a freely convertible currency, etc.). For this commercial workers should be aware of your economic region, its natural resources, to realistically assess the state of the industry, agriculture, manufacturing capabilities and range of products manufactured at the industrial enterprises. To explore producers (suppliers) of goods and their potential commercial administration commercial enterprises must constantly participate in the work of the commodity exchanges, wholesale fairs, trade fairs and exhibitions-view sample the best and newest products, follow ads on radio and television, in Newspapers and magazines, the bulletins of demand and supply, exchange messages, for brochures, catalogues, etc.