The system of indicators of efficiency of commercial activity of the enterprise

Management of the Company

In order to reduce the level of risk and avoid crisis situations in the enterprise, it is necessary to systematically carry out a deep analysis of the business depending on the market environment that quickly and constantly changes. This will make the company sustainable, profitable and competitive, to ensure its continuous development and to predict the future.
The effectiveness of any activities is generally for the outcomes of work, which can be measured by the degree of achievement of certain goals, tasks and production costs. Part of these costs are the costs of managing certain processes (production, technical, commercial and the like), is carried out by managers and specialists of the enterprise.
However, the effectiveness of management, particularly commercial activities, which is determined using the results of work of the commercial unit (departments/marketing services and individual professionals), does not fully appreciate the various aspects of the operation of certain control systems.
Therefore, the assessment of effectiveness of management of commercial activities should be comprehensive in nature. The system of indicators should provide economic and social efficiency of commercial activity of the enterprise. With its design should take into account that management efficiency is affected by many factors and in particular: 1) the level of training of certain management personnel; 2) practical experience; 3) labor organization, payment and incentives; 4) the level of introduction of modern technical means of control, leadership style, etc.
The system of major economic indicators of efficiency of management of commercial activities of the company include indicators business results: revenue, expenses and the like. Helps determine the economic efficiency of commercial activity.
In profit reflected the end results of activities of commercial management personnel of the enterprise (sales of products and services, its range, staff productivity, cost levels, the presence of unproductive costs, etc.
As to education profit in addition to management influence and other factors to take into account the degree of influence which is very difficult, in practice, often measure the effectiveness of the management of commercial
The analysis of the maintenance costs of the commercial unit to the total amount of expenses of the enterprise in the sum gives the opportunity to draw conclusions about changes in economic efficiency of the management system.
In the analysis of economic efficiency of commercial activity of the enterprise should also pay attention to the costs of goods and their level.
The level of costs of circulation is calculated as a percentage of the amount of distribution costs to turnover for a certain period. An important condition of economic efficiency of commercial activity of the enterprise is the velocity of circulation of goods, expressed in the figure euroamericana. Euroamericana is the velocity of circulation of goods or the time during which the implemented inventories.
The social indicators of management effectiveness include the level of organizational culture and ethics, commercial activities, customer service, the quality of goods available to consumers, their just advertising, as the discipline of the commercial model and social responsibility, and the like.