The management of processes of formation of the product range in the trade

Management of the Company

The mission and the achievement of certain goals of any commercial enterprise depends on the level of management of processes of formation of the product range and services to consumers.
Management of process of formation of the product range and services to customers in the trade involves the selection for the different groups of commodities, their species and varieties, differentiated according to certain criteria.
To control the formation of the product range is the maximum satisfaction of demand of the serviced customers and ensuring on this basis a high level of profitability of the enterprise.
In order to generate an optimal assortment of goods and services in the enterprise that are necessary to consumers, you need to first examine their demand and fulfil his prediction.
Functions about learning, forecasting and shaping the range of goods and services in trade enterprises entrusted to managers and specialists of functional departments (services) marketing (trade departments), commodity sections and other categories of employees.
Product and internal group structure to reflect implementation details and stocks of goods, as well as information about unmet demand. To determine demand for a particular product organize the accounting for the sale of goods and inventory of a wide range of product portfolio, register the pent-up demand and requirements of buyers to quality of certain types and varieties of goods Given the fact that trade enterprises, especially medium and large, tens of thousands of varieties of goods, in modern conditions to account for the movement of such a large range of products used computer equipment (computers). In developed countries, much of the food products on each product unit suffered a single universal product bar code (code) serves as an identifier of goods. For non-food products using special labels that are adapted for automatic reading. With the help of POS terminals in trade is provided by the automatic reading of the code and the full characteristics of the goods.
Information about the sale of goods over the phone (teletype, Telegraph) channels are transmitted to the computing center trading company (enterprises). This system of collecting and processing information provides a complete and rapid study of the realized demand and allows buyers of a trading company to apply to suppliers of goods one-off orders for delivery of goods in full accordance with the size of the sale and reserves.
In small trade enterprises can use non-automated methods of accounting for intra-group structure of the realized demand. For such records the sale of goods used inventories to determine the actual sales of certain goods for long periods of time and the identification of the average daily turnover on the sales, operational stock data and the flow of goods, accounting for sale of commodity receipts, or product labels and some other methods.

In managing the process of forming of assortment of goods in
trade enterprises must adhere to the following principles:
• providing range of products in line with demand, which is determined by the number of consumers;
• defines a range of goods should provide for a comprehensive satisfaction of demand of appropriate consumers;
• adequate width and depth of assortment. Under a wide range of understand the number of commodity groups and subgroups, and the depth is the number of varieties of goods at the individual consumer or qualitative characteristics;
• ensuring the sustainability of the range, which implies a stable presence in the sale of a specified list of goods during the entire period of operation of the enterprise;
• the range of products should provide an appropriate level of profitability of the enterprise.