Inventory management in the enterprise

Management of the Company

Inventory management in the enterprise is one of its most important functions commercial services.
To ensure the stable presence of a certain list of goods according to the demand of consumers during the whole period of work of the enterprise it is necessary to have a certain amount of goods.
Inventory management at the company involves the definition of a defined volume and structure of inventory in accordance with consumer demand and constant control over their observance.
At the enterprises of all stocks of products that are formed are divided into three groups: 1) the current storage stocks; 2) stocks, seasonal storage and early delivery, 3) inventory purpose.
Inventory of the current storage account for the bulk of all stocks of commercial enterprise. They are created to ensure smooth trade in the current period and must be constantly replenished.
Inventory, seasonal storage and early delivery are only generated mainly on large universal commercial enterprises, based on the characteristics of the range of their existing goods or specific geographic location of such enterprises.
Inventories of the task assignments in the trade for certain purposes not associated with the current sale of goods (for example, for workers of marine fleet and river stocks are created special working clothes and individual types of food products.
In modern conditions of managing trade enterprises try to optimally reduce all kinds of inventories for the lack of available cash resources. Therefore, the most important task of the enterprise is the planning, inventory current storage for uninterrupted trading.
To determine the amount of current inventory for the planned period commercial enterprise it is necessary to measure their turnover. The distribution shows how many times on average a particular product goes through the store for a certain period of time (usually per year). It is a measure of the performance of stocks is conditional monetary units of profit brings each monetary unit invested in the purchase of a particular product.
The retailers ' average inventory is often determined by dividing the amount of reserves for each of the multiple months in the number of these months.
This method is often used in cases where the amount of reserves at the end of the month does not differ (significantly or systematically) from reserves during the month. For example, the quantity of reserves at the end of January may be much lower than in the next two months, since it is necessary at the end of winter sales, creating spring inventory has just begun. In most, such as foreign companies, to determine the average inventory used information obtained by electronic POS terminals, when the volume of product sold each day is calculated from those stocks that are on the enterprise for nine weeks of trading. Now, the projected sales for the next 9 weeks, and hence receive the necessary inventory for
the beginning of the period.
Calculate the amount of current inventory also
basic (minimum) stock of inventory. This method is used for enterprises where the inventory turnover is 6 times a year. Inventory that you need to have at the beginning of the month, determined by compiling a basic inventory and
neljubova sales for the month.
The use of any method of determining inventory of the current storage demands their value, knowledge, commercial enterprise services and characteristics of demand fluctuations through the months of the year, predictions of the influence of external factors on the level of consumption, and the like.