Development of marketing strategy

Management of the Company

In the conditions of market economy, increasing competition of marketing services companies develop the following types of marketing strategies:
1. Strategy of horizontal diversification (the policy of extending the range through use of the same technologies in different industries).
2. The strategy of vertical diversification (based on the addition of the assortment policy of new services).
3. Strategy intensive marketing (assumes high prices and high cost of sales promotion).
4. Strategy selective penetration (based on the high prices and low marketing costs).
5. The strategy of wide penetration (involves the combination of cheap new goods costs of sales promotion with the aim of market penetration and garnering the largest share.
6. The strategy of passive marketing (assumes a reasonable ratio between low costs of sales promotion. This strategy is based on elasticity).
7. Modification of the market (a set of actions to expand the contingent of buyers of goods).
8. Modification of a product (a set of actions to change certain properties of the goods).
9. Modification of marketing tools (policy of reducing prices, the use of new forms of advertising, active promotion of sales of goods and services, etc.).