Marketing services businesses and their structure

Management of the Company

Organization and content of the activity marketing services of the enterprises depends on the objectives and operational plans.

Functional orientation services (departments) marketing involves the distribution of responsibility among the units for the following functions:
• marketing research;
• product planning;
• planning of advertising;
• promotion of sales of products and provision of services.

In domestic enterprises non-productive sphere (trade) are used primarily in the functional structure (service) marketing.
A fragment of the functional structure of marketing for a large commercial enterprise are reflected in Fig. 100.
The commodity orientation of services (departments) marketing is spread mainly in large manufacturing (such as Du Pont and General Motors and other foreign firms producing bagtasarian products with different production technologies and specializing on a small number of markets of identical nature.

The regional orientation of marketing services typical of large companies that operate in markets with well-defined borders regions, as well as abroad.
Services (departments) regional orientation provides for the introduction of the posts of managers responsible for the marketing of a product in a particular region.
Segmental orientation of marketing services lies in the fact that each marketing Manager is responsible for working with a certain segment of consumers, regardless of geographic market.
The main purpose of the segment structure of marketing is to meet the needs of these consumers are not worse than enterprises that serve only one segment. For example, large enterprises of light industry have separate divisions that produce products for adults, youth, and the like.
In large trading enterprises were also created separate divisions, buy and sell products for children, adults, and so on.
Each of these units focused on their consumers and tries to satisfy its need for goods and services.
It should be borne in mind that regardless of the type and structure of services (departments) marketing of the company from among their most important tasks is the promotion of goods and services on the market of their sales that provides for the implementation of the following activities:
1. The information about available goods and services provided to customers;
2. Information about new products and services and their advantages;
3. Information for consumers regarding places of sales of goods and services;
4. advertising propaganda regarding the beliefs of consumers in the benefits of certain goods and services;
5. To study the relationship between quality and price of goods and services;
6. Information of the consumers about changes in the positioning of products and services;
7. The creation of the image of the enterprise;
8. Informing consumers about additional free and paid services provided to customers;
9. The continued support of relations with consumers of goods and services by using information and.