The organization of marketing activities in the enterprise

Management of the Company

Organization of marketing activity of the enterprise involves the establishment of a clear sequence and relationship of action, procedures that arise from certain relations of structural divisions.
The organization of marketing activities of an enterprise largely depends on internal factors (state of the finances; the level of scientific and technical progress at the enterprise; overall level of enterprise Management; strategy of the enterprise; the level of qualification of managerial staff, etc.).
All the components of marketing activities of enterprises should be linked to the objectives of the enterprise and the marketing.
In the organization of marketing activities of enterprises we must highlight the information system and management, which ensures the functioning of the entire marketing system.
In addition, on the basis of this information the analysis and control of all marketing activities and decisions, including analysis of: 1) market situation; 2) consumers; 3) competitors; 4) goods and services.

In marketing planning brings together the interaction of these main components: 1) market selection; 2) new goods and services; 3) production of goods; 4) prediction markets.
It should be borne in mind that the present marketing system provides as a mandatory element for developing a comprehensive program of activity of the enterprise for the long term (2 years or more). This program covers all stages of production preparation and marketing of relevant goods and services to their consumers. A comprehensive programme of activities enterprise needs: 1) to ensure close coordination of the sales divisions, production divisions with the aim of developing the most promising technical and economic characteristics of the goods; 2) provide an optimal inventory of products; 3) enable advertising and other activities to intensify the sales of products and rendering services; 4) enable financial program that contains the expenses and income.
Short-term (annual and quarterly) programs of production and marketing of goods and services is a part of long-term programs. Mandatory condition for the development and execution of marketing programs - their regular adjustment to take account of conditions and prospects of development of the market.
Marketing decisions are: choosing a particular product; pricing policy; the place of sale of goods and supply of services to consumers; system of formation and stimulation of sales of goods and services.
Based on the analysis of information on internal and external factors of activity of the enterprise creates a clear picture of the most relevant and effective development strategy of the enterprise. Then projected activities in the field of control of decisions, that is, the circuit design of a marketing research should be a comprehensive closed-loop control.
Special attention in the marketing activities of enterprises should be provided to promote the sale of goods and services.
Businesses must constantly take care of to encourage all participants in the sale of goods and services: 1) retail customers; 2) intermediaries, GA sellers products.
The main methods of stimulating buyers of retail products include:
. a reasonable decline in the prices of goods and services;
. loans;
. the premium sale of goods;
• contests, lotteries, etc.
Intermediaries for the sale of goods and services stimulate using:
. provide short-term loans;
• deferment of payments for the purchased goods;
• providing transportation and performing the forwarding and loading and unloading the company in the procurement of appropriate quantities of goods;
• lower prices in different seasons of the year;
• reduced prices to wholesale buyers in the purchase of appropriate quantities of goods;
• payment of Commission to intermediaries for the purchase of certain quantities of goods;
• lease for a few days of refrigeration and separate facilities for storage of goods procured the organization of their export etc.
The promotion sellers of sales of goods and rendering of services is carried out through the relevant competitions, publication awards and the introduction of progressive forms of remuneration and incentives.